“I am so thankful for IHOPKC. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years of prayer, 20 years of plowing, 20 years of prophesying, ‘Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.’ Happy 20th anniversary, Mike, Diane, and the entire IHOPKC team. Jon and I are so incredibly thankful for you and what you have pioneered.”
—Lisa Bevere, Messenger International

“Thank you, Mike and IHOPKC. [You’ve impacted] my personal life as well as our ministry at Jesus Culture. Whether it’s the Bridegroom revelation, a life given to night-and-day prayer, or defining success as ‘I am loved, therefore I’m a lover,’ there are not just teachings that came out of [IHOPKC] but lives and lifestyles of people who gave themselves fully to Jesus.”
—Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture

“The Church today needs to be mobilized with continual prayer and fasting to release the harvest of souls waiting to be garnered from among the nations. Mike Bickle’s reliable ministry at his missions base in Kansas City is helping to answer a great need in this hour.”
—Jack W. Hayford, Founding pastor, The Church On The Way

“The Great Commission needs to be fueled with fiery, continual prayer with fasting. Our greatest effectiveness in reaching millions of souls will be seen only as our work is bathed in prayer and fasting. Prayer ministries like Mike Bickle’s in Kansas City are important for the completion of the Great Harvest.”
—Bill Bright, Founder, Campus Crusade for Christ

“The great harvest needs to be supplied by continual prayer and fasting. Intercessory ministries like Mike Bickle’s in Kansas City are vital for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.”
—Loren Cunningham, Founder, Youth With A Mission

“Mike, you are helping fulfill a desire of God’s heart for His presence to be enthroned night and day upon a people that love Him. What you are pioneering at the International House of Prayer has huge significance for all who labor to reach the nations. May your lamp of worship and prayer continue to shine!”
—John Dawson, President, Youth With A Mission

“Spiritual awakening in our nation and world cannot be sustained unless heaven’s bowls stay continually filled through worship and intercession. Now, more than ever, we need night and day prayer to make a difference! Thanks to Mike Bickle for helping to lead the charge.”
—Dutch Sheets, Speaker and author

“Many pastors in the Kansas City area are grateful to God for raising up the International House of Prayer in our city. The knowledge that hundreds of intercessors are crying out night and day with fasting for revival in our city strengthens our hearts in the battle. We thank Mike Bickle and his leaders, and stand with them, knowing that their labors are resulting in spiritual blessing and unity in the church in our city.”
—Howard Cordell and leadership team, Midwest Ministers Fellowship (Network of over 200 pastors and ministries in the Kansas City region)