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Our desire is for children to have a revelation of the bridal paradigm—what it means to have an intimate friendship with Jesus, and to fully know and be known by Him. Each week we teach children powerful biblical truths through topics such as loving God, the life of David, giving our lives to God, and the beauty of Jesus. As children learn Bible truth at their own comprehension level, they are empowered to grow in the grace and love of God for a lifetime.

Fridays, 6pm–9pm
Ages 1–5 check in at 5:45pm at Forerunner Christian Fellowship (FCF)
Ages 6–12 check in at 5:45pm at the CEC Building next to FCF

Forerunner Christian Fellowship Services (FCF)


Early Childhood, ages 1–5
Each week children are taught the apostolic prayers of the New Testament, which will equip them to live a lifestyle of prayer, empower them to understand what God desires for His people, and begin to write the Word of God on their hearts.

Elementary, ages 6–12
We want to teach children to have understanding and might in their inner man and to be a generation that knows and understands their God (Jer. 9:24). We have designed the Equipping Center to teach and equip children in a foundational way on topics such as the heart of God, healing and prophetic, and the second coming of Jesus.


Saturday Evening (FCF 6pm)
Check in at 5:45pm at FCF for ages 1–12

Sunday Morning (FCF 8:15am)
Check in at 8am at FCF for ages 1–7
Check in at 8am at the CEC Building for ages 8–12

Sunday Morning (FCF 10:30am)
Check in at 10:15am at FCF for ages 1–7
Check in at 10:15am at the CEC Building for ages 8–12

Forerunner Christian Fellowship
12444 Grandview Road
Grandview, MO 64030

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