Intensive Course for Korean Pastors

This course for Korean pastors, ministers, and missionaries who would like a time of inspiration, rest, and refreshing in the Lord gives participants an overview and greater understanding of 24/7 worship and prayer.


Hispanic Intensive: The Urgency of the Hour

This intensive, offered in Spanish, is for everyone who wants to learn more about Jesus’ desire for His Church to be “a house of prayer for all nations” (Mk. 11:17), for those who intend to become involved in a prayer ministry in their home town, and for…


Polish Intensive

This intensive, offered in Polish, focuses on Jesus’ prayer in John 17 as a foundation for intercession based on intimacy with Jesus. In Jesus’ prayer life, he never asked amiss or with wrong motivation and always prayed the will of the Father with…

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Korean Young Adults Intensive

For four days immediately after the Onething conference, young Korean-speaking adults are gathering for teaching on themes such as intimacy with God, the theology of night-and-day prayer and worship, and the end times.