Weekends at IHOPKC

Weekends at IHOPKC are for those who desire to grow in the knowledge of love of God, be renewed in their spiritual life, and spend time in an environment of 24/7 prayer. Come encounter God in the prayer room, in classroom Bible teaching, and at our weekend services.


IHOPU Symposium with Dr. Michael L. Brown

This year IHOPU welcomes Dr. Michael L. Brown to address several hot-button issues in our culture today and how as believers we can approach such controversial topics in a faithful and biblical manner. This event is free.

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Prophetic Evangelism Seminar

This seminar includes preaching, Bible teaching, and hands-on training in evangelism, with special emphasis on developing a prophetic spirit and the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in evangelism. Come and learn how you can be a bold witness for Christ.


Joseph Company Marketplace Conference

Join us for times of worship, storytelling, teaching, impartation, and ministry, designed to equip men and women in the workplace to bring God’s transforming presence to the marketplace and every sphere of society. Come learn how you can grow in prayer, intimacy with Jesus, and prophetic insight into God’s strategies.


CEC Leadership Summit

The CEC Leadership Summit is designed to equip church leaders, parents, and others with the tools necessary to impact and mentor the next generation.


Onething 2014

This December, thousands of young adults will gather at IHOPKC’s onething conference for worship and teaching that will help equip them to live a lifestyle of abandonment to Jesus. Come December 28–31 and join 25,000 young adults to pursue the call to one thing.