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Marriage & Family

Love & Respect (married and engaged couples)
Tuesdays, September 12–October 31

A wife has one driving need—to feel loved. A husband has one driving need—to feel respected. When either of these needs isn’t met, things get crazy. This series reveals why spouses react negatively to each other, and how they can deal with such conflict quickly, easily, and biblically.

Sacred Influence (married women only)
Saturdays, September 16–November 4

This group will focus on how God uses wives to shape the soul of their husbands. Topics include understanding your husband from a guy’s perspective, enhancing the character growth and spiritual maturity of your husband, managing conflict, and how to strengthen your ability to find value in a disappointing marriage. Format includes small groups and prayer. Required book: Sacred Influence, by Gary Thomas (to be purchased separately and read while taking the class).

Fathered by God (men ages 18+)
Mondays, September 18–November 6

What is the path to authentic manhood and how do we find it, in an age when true fathers are in short supply? This group explores the six stages of manhood and teaches on how boys and men are initiated through these seasons. This is an excellent growth resource for husbands. Optional book resource: Fathered by God, by John Eldredge. (Registration closed after week 2.)

Vertical Marriage (married and engaged couples)
Tuesdays, November 7–December 12

Marriage is one of the most significant commitments any person can make in this life. Among the myriad of preparations, what are the most vital to undertake for a lasting, healthy relationship? Understanding that marriage is not eternal, but its fruit is, Mike and Anne Rizzo, seasoned marriage counselors, turn our gaze Godward. A vertical focus, on the creator of marriage, becomes the best foundation for building a beautiful, life-long bond with your future spouse.

How does Scripture’s bridal paradigm play into your daily relationship, and what is the ultimate goal of your union? Practical and visionary, Vertical Marriage will help you evaluate your relationship, establish a marital vision, understand God’s unique design for your marriage and future, and set expectations for the nitty-gritty details of life together. For use with a marriage counselor or independently, Vertical Marriage is a premarital manual designed for engaged couples and those already married who desire to establish a powerful partnership of eternal significance.

This weekly group is open to all married couples; no registration required.

Vertical Marriage book and workbook is available at IHOPKC Forerunner Bookstore.

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Premarital Preparation (engaged couples)
We strongly encourage engaged couples to build a foundation for marriage by meeting with a mature couple and studying related topics that will help prepare them for a strong marriage. Need help finding and connecting with a mentor couple? Email

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