George Otis, Jr.

George Otis is the producer of the famous and excellent Transformation videos, seen by millions, which chronicle some of the most significant moves of the Spirit in the earth over the last 20 years.

This Friday, April 27, at our Encounter God Service, starting at 6:00pm (CST), George will share in detail (watch at We encourage you to spread the word about this meeting through social networking.

George will present a model of addressing social injustice with prayer. Included in his presentation will be an overview of what the Holy Spirit is doing in releasing justice related to the notorious Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony who is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The Ugandan government has been unable to remove or capture Kony for 18 years.

Kony has publicly boasted of his regular communication with evil spirits that give him information on how to avoid capture and how to “prosper” in leading the LRA—in his horrendous crimes of human slavery, using children as soldiers.The number of children conscripted into his army since 1986 is estimated to be between 70,000 and 100,000.

George has significant information about the spiritual side of the story related to Kony’s sudden flight from Uganda to go into hiding (similar to Osama Bin Laden). George believes the Church must rise up in focused prayer, with some specific actions, to see this injustice more fully confronted and brought to an end.

As you may know, the world is watching this story with particular interest, as 88+ million people have watched the Kony2012 video on YouTube over the last six weeks. However, many wrongly assume that the main power to bring about justice lies in mobilizing people though social media and political action; they are ignoring the need for Jesus’ supernatural intervention. They know neither the dynamic story of the courageous acts carried out by Ugandan believers (many risked their lives) nor of the solemn assemblies in Uganda that happened before the making of the world-famous Kony2012 video.

George knows many details about what happened behind the scenes in Uganda. He also has insight into the spiritual dynamics involved in the recent “emotional meltdown” of the leader of Kony2012 and how it relates to prayer and spiritual warfare. The message is clear: it is perilous to approach the issue of slavery and injustice without concentrated prayer in calling on the Lord Jesus.

George has a clear model of how the Body of Christ is to be deeply involved in social justice in a way that must be founded on prayer. He is asking IHOPKC to partner with him and others in modeling a “prayer-based approach to social justice.”

The massive Kony2012 video exposure provides a unique window in time to call believers to prayer in the fight to overthrow evil leaders.George is willing to present the story and show some key segments of his videos at this Friday’s EGS. During the service, he will lead us in intercession for the capture of Joseph Kony and for other social justice issues.

If you cannot come Friday night, we encourage you to go to to watch online.

This video advertises what George will share on this Friday.

Watch the Kony2012 video.