Forerunner Music Academy

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Forerunner Music Academy (FMA) equips singers, musicians, worship leaders, and sound engineers. Our training prepares them to fill houses of prayer, local churches, and places of worship all over the earth with intercessory worship that reflects the worth of Christ and releases the power of God.

Many singers and musicians love Jesus, yet lack revelation of God’s power. In this hour, Jesus is placing prophetic music at the forefront of His end-time plan to reveal His heart, release His power, and establish His justice.

Students combine excellent musicianship with intimacy with Jesus, outworked on a worship team, in the context of 24/7 worship-based prayer. We are inspired by King David, who established and funded singers and musicians to sing and prophesy to God on instruments, day and night.

Prior musical training and experience are helpful but not necessary.

“FMA brought me into a community of believers with a vision for prophetic music and excellence. I grew exponentially in my skills as a worship leader and received tools to grow musically for years to come. More importantly, I am experiencing the Lord and have clarity about what it means to be a prophetic musician and how to use my musical gifting for the Lord.”

—Zachary Simms
FMA alumnus from Kansas City, MO

FMA is a full-time music school, offering a two-year certificate and a four-year diploma. Our curriculum incorporates theological training and the study of music. Our desire is that every student would have extensive training and experience on worship teams.

Theological training provides students with a solid, biblical framework; it ensures that they are grounded in the Word, and teaches them to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Musical training consists of skill development in voice or instrument, theory, ear training, improvisation, and sound production.

Each student is placed on a worship team, where theological and musical training converge, providing students with coaching in a 24/7 prayer room environment.

After completing the Forerunner Curriculum and other core classes during their freshman and sophomore years, FMA students choose one of three majors: House of Prayer Leadership, Performance, or Worship.

Academic Programs

House of Prayer Leadership

Theological training, development of leadership, team-building skills, and practical equipping prepare students to serve the prayer movement—some in houses of prayer, and others involved in prayer ministries in local churches.

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Music students will have the opportunity to acquire mastery of their chosen discipline—voice or an instrument—as they practice four to six hours per day. Students will present musical pieces at performance recitals each quarter.

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Exploring biblical examples of worship, cross-training in multiple musical disciplines, and practical elements of worship ministry equips students to serve churches and houses of prayer through the ministry of worship.

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