Forerunner Media Institute

Forerunner Media Institute (FMI) exists to equip media messengers with solid biblical training and media skills and tools to reach this generation.

It is obvious that vast new expressions of media are quickly unfolding. We encourage you to come and be part of what God is doing in this generation through media. We are committed to raising up forerunner messengers to proclaim the Word of the Lord to the nations. Through FMI you will be equipped with the relevant skills and tools to effectively communicate with today’s generation, crossing language and cultural barriers through media.

Course Highlights

The Excellencies of Christ

“I love being part of a media school that keeps me centered on the person of Jesus and His great worth. I knew nothing about making film at the start of the semester; now I am working on my own film piece! I have gripped, directed, and been on cameras in a live broadcast environment—what more can I say? Incredible!”

—Steve Mallison-Jones
FMI alumnus from Watford, UK

Areas of Training

Students receive solid, foundational teaching from the Bible, including subjects such as intimacy with God, intercession, and the call for justice, as well as learning how to communicate the message through multiple media platforms.

With its cross-disciplinary focus, this course offers training in video production, media production, graphic design, visual communication, script-writing, and photo editing.

Video Production

From pre-production to post-production, the focus of this study includes interviewing, editing, directing, sound production, lighting, and camera operation.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program embraces a range of visual communication that provides a robust curriculum of conceptual problem solving, innovation, critical thinking, and formal design, as well as branding and marketing strategies.

Some of the areas you will be equipped in are Adobe Photoshop basics, typography, web and social media graphics, illustration, and image editing.

Live Production

This is an optional training opportunity to prepare you to work in live production settings, providing hands-on experience with video and sound production equipment, while working on live broadcasts from the Global Prayer Room.