We Invite You to Learn More About Israel

May 12–13, 2017

Join Calev Myers and other IHOPU faculty for a two-day symposium on understanding a biblical response to some of the challenges of rising anti-Semitism (and its new guise, anti-Zionism) around the world today. This symposium will help you navigate the thorny political and theological issues with a heart of wisdom and compassion.


About the Speaker

Calev Myers


  • Founder, Jerusalem Institute of Justice

Calev Myers founded the Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) in 2004. Since its establishment, JIJ has successfully handled over 750 cases, including 22 Supreme Court victories, advancing freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, and civil justice in Israel. Beyond his work with JIJ, Calev works as a partner at Yehuda Raveh & Co. Law Offices, one of Israel’s leading law firms. Calev has been published in the Justice Magazine of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, and serves as a member of its Board of Governors, as well as one of its representatives before the UN in Geneva and New York. He frequently contributes op-eds to news websites in Israel, and appears on Israeli and international television programs as a current events analyst from a human-rights perspective.


Session 1: So, What’s Happening in Israel?
Receive an overview of biblical prophecies being fulfilled today in the land of Israel, which will help you understand the truth behind the headlines and your part to play in the story.

Encounter God Service: The Words of a Stuttering Man
Dive into the life and message of Moses, his view of justice, and how it informs today’s challenges, particularly the racial tensions raging once again in our cities.

Session 2: The Hidden Face of God
Gain understanding of the enigma of God’s dealings with the Jewish people throughout history, His plan for their future, and how we can pray for them today.

Session 3: Palestinian Human Rights
Look at an historic, geopolitical overview of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with an emphasis on how biblically-informed believers can stand with God’s heart for both Palestinians and Israelis.

Session 4: Jewish Principles for Success in Business
Learn seven basic principles, based on the Torah, which if applied to your life will guarantee greater financial prosperity for you and your business.

Registration for the event includes a continental breakfast and lunch on-site on the Saturday of the event. *The menus will not meet any special needs diets.

Next Symposium

The Promise-Plan of God

with Dr. Walter C. Kaiser Jr. and IHOPU Faculty

November 10–11, 2017

Dr. Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

  • President emeritus and distinguished professor of Old Testament and ethics, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Join Dr. Walter Kaiser, one of the premier theologians in our generation, for a two-day symposium focused on his masterful approach to the overarching story of God throughout the Old and New Testaments. Dr. Kaiser’s approach is both informative and insightful, bringing together the importance of Israel (the people and the land), the Messianic promises and fulfillment, and eschatology. Many IHOPU faculty have found this thesis extremely helpful in their approach to understanding Scripture.