May 17–24: Encountering Jesus in the Song of Songs

Are you longing to know God? Can you trust His hand in your life? Do you want to understand how He sees you and how He feels about you? Nothing empowers the human heart like the revelation of God’s affection for us, and His love is seen throughout the Bible. Come join us for this study of the Song of Songs, a book that unveils the divine romance—the passionate desire of God for His Bride.

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June 14–21: Prophetic worship: A hands-on workshop

Prior to Jesus’ return, the Father is raising up a mature Bride for His Son, across every nation, tribe, and tongue, who will worship Him through music and singing day and night, in awe of the beauty of God. Learn more about God’s plan for world redemption, our role, both biblically and practically, in worship and prayer, and how we engage in the Great Commission.

This program includes training in keys, voice, and guitar from several of our IHOPU Forerunner Music Academy instructors. We invite any from complete beginners to musicians who desire to take their abilities to the next level to participate in this workshop.

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July 5–12: Restoring the heart of the family

The love of God compels Him to seek out that which is lost, broken, or discarded, and to refashion it into something unique and beautiful for His glory. There is no one who has gone too far, and it’s never too late! Jesus paid too high a price to simply save us and leave us “better than broken.” God desires nothing less than 100 percent restoration for nations, families, and our own hearts, bringing us to the fullness of His intended purpose and original design!

Come and learn more about God’s desire to bring restoration in your life and relationships. He takes what the enemy meant for evil in our lives and uses all things together for the good of those who love Him (Rom. 8:28), causing us to triumph in our weakness and become deliverers of those who are currently bound as we once were.

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August 16–23: Foundations of night-and-day prayer

The Lord declared through the prophet Malachi that one day He would be supremely and incessantly adored by all of creation: “From the rising of the sun, even to its going down, My name shall be great among the Gentiles . . . for My name shall be great among the nations” (Mal. 1:11). Join us as we trace the story of God’s desire from Genesis through Revelation to be worshiped on earth as He is in heaven.

See what Scripture reveals about worship in the heavenly temple, how the heavenly pattern was followed in Old Testament expressions of worship, and what its significance is in New Testament devotion. It is important for us all to understand God’s purposes for prayer, but this course is especially helpful for all those desiring to establish prayer ministries.

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September 6–13: Intercession that changes history

Across the earth, the Holy Spirit is raising up a prayer and worship movement, fueled by the revelation of Jesus’ beauty (Isa. 4:2). The Church has been given the authority to bind the kingdom of darkness and loose the glory of God (Mt. 16:18–19) through prayer. Learn more about our strategic role as believers to partner with God to see His kingdom come in power!

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October 11–18: Building the house of prayer

This program focused on Jesus’ desire for His Church to be “a house of prayer for all nations” (Mk. 11:17) combines theological insight with practical training for building a prayer ministry. Participants learn about the harp and bowl model of worship and intercession used at IHOPKC, making this program ideal for house of prayer leaders, worship teams, prayer groups, and anyone who wants to start or strengthen a prayer ministry or transform their workplace or home through the power of prayer.

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November 1–8: Harp and bowl prophetic worship

God is restoring prayer, worship, and the prophetic ministry in the Church. Revelation 4:6–11 shows us a wonderful scene of worship and prayer surrounding the throne of God; they do not rest day or night. In Revelation 5:8 we read of the harp (worship) and the “golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.” Come learn about this expression of intercessory worship, as we teach the whys and how-to’s of the “harp and bowl” style of corporate worship and prayer.

November 29–December 6: Jesus, our Bridegroom, King, and Judge

The Word and the Spirit emphasize the Messiah coming as Bridegroom, King, and Judge at the end of the age. As Bridegroom, Jesus has burning desire for His people. As King, He possesses all power. As Judge, He removes everything that hinders love. Learn more about these faces of Jesus to be equipped to stand and proclaim the truth of who He really is.

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