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October 17–24, 2015: Building the house of prayer

One of the greatest tragedies in human history is the lack of prayer in the Body of Christ. Yet, ironically, Jesus  declared that prayer would be a primary characteristic of His house. So how will God transform the Church into a house of prayer and fill the earth with prayer in every place (Mal. 1:11)? Through a revelation of the beauty of God, which makes prayer not only joyful but sustainable.

This program focused on Jesus’ desire for His Church to be “a house of prayer for all nations” (Mk. 11:17) combines theological insight with practical training for building a prayer ministry that joyfully perseveres in the days of small begininngs. Participants learn about the harp and bowl model of worship and intercession used at IHOPKC, making this program ideal for house of prayer leaders, worship teams, prayer groups, and anyone who wants to start or strengthen a prayer ministry or see their workplace or home transformed through the power of prayer.

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November 7–14, 2015: Discover your identity in Christ

Do you know who you are according to how God sees you? Although your true identity is constantly being assaulted by the lies of the enemy and the projection of the world, God’s desire is that every believer in the Body of Christ know and experience who we were created to be based on His design. It is only in realizing our authentic identity that we can attain the fullness of God in our lives, families, and ministries.

Come experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, as we are renewed and empowered by the revelation of how God sees us and His glorious plan for us.

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December 5–12, 2015: Encountering Jesus, our Bridegroom, King, and Judge

As we approach the end of the age, the Holy Spirit is emphasizing the revelation of Jesus Christ in the Word of God as Bridegroom, King, and Judge to the Body of Christ in every nation. This three-fold revelation of Jesus isn’t random, but a very strategic revelation to awaken a very specific response in the heart of God’s people, particularly in the generation who will see His return.

By understanding Jesus’ heart as a joyful Bridegroom who feels burning desire for His people, we are transformed by love into a mature Bride who is confident, even in our weakness. By understanding Jesus’ power as a sovereign King who received all authority, abilities, and resources, we are strengthened in faith as a house of prayer to contend in fervent intercession for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. By understanding Jesus’ plans as a righteous Judge who possesses great zeal to intervene in human history and vindicate the righteous, while confronting the rebellious to eternally remove everything that hinders love, we abound in hope as messengers with a forerunner spirit who, for the sake of love, prepare ourselves to prepare others to prevail through the unique dynamics and unprecedented events of the end times in great victory!

Come experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit as we peer into the revelation of Jesus Christ as our heavenly Bridegroom, sovereign King, and righteous Judge!

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January 2–9, 2016: Releasing Harp & Bowl Intercessory Worship

Prior to Jesus return, He is raising up a mature Bride in every nation, tribe, and tongue who will eternally function as a house of prayer, with worship and prophetic singing fueled by the beauty of God day and night, as a catalyst to world missions (Amos 9:11–12). Come join us to gain a better understanding of God’s plan for world redemption, along with our role both biblically and practically in worship, singing, and prayer unto the great harvest.

This program is held in partnership with faculty from IHOPU’s Forerunner Music Academy, and combines theological teaching along with hands-on practical training for intercessors, musicians, and singers. In addition tot he core curriculum, all participants may choose from guitar, keyboard, drums, voice, or digital looping classes. The program is ideal for anyone from the very skilled, desiring to take their abilities to the next level, to those who are just beginning and desiring to learn to sing and play an instrument for the very first time, as well as everyone in between!

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