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We invite you to join us at the International House of Prayer for eight days. These Immerse programs aim to help you:

  • Encounter God through the Word in worship and prayer
  • Engage in relevant discussions around dynamic Bible teaching
  • Be refreshed and strengthened in your spiritual life
  • Build quality friendship by connecting with other like-minded Christians
  • Be practically equipped to impact this generation

August 13–20: Partnering with God’s End-Time Plan for Israel and the Nations

There is no subject more significant in its implications and consequences, more pervasive throughout Scripture, more controversial and catalytic among the nations, more relevant to the human race, more central to God’s eternal purpose, or more personal to the Lord Himself, than the subject of Israel. In fact, the “mystery of Israel” is at the very heart of everything God is saying and doing on the earth today (Isa. 62:1). Unfortunately, many in the Church are disconnected from God’s heart on this issue and His plans to bring forth a glorious Church, comprised of both Jews and Gentiles.

The apostle Paul urgently warned Gentile believers not to be unfamiliar with this mystery (Rom. 11:22). If we fail to understand God’s plan for world redemption, we may adopt wrong conclusions about Israel that are unbiblical or—even worse—adversarial.

Please note: Children’s tracks will not be available during this month.

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September 10–17: Developing a First-Commandment Community

God created us with a longing to be wholehearted. Because we are created in His image, we have the capacity to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. In fact, loving Him wholeheartedly is not only the ultimate purpose of our lives, but also brings the greatest pleasure, joy, and impact. How do we do this? What does it look like for an individual? What if church communities were able to do this together in the grace of God?

Scripture is clear that, prior to Jesus’ return, God will raise up up a mature Bride who walks in unprecedented unity, purity, and power, thus revealing to the nations what the first and second commandments really look like. The Holy Spirit’s first priority is to restore the first commandment to first place in the hearts of God’s people. He longs to empower us to live holy lives from the inside out—in our affections, thoughts and words. He also deeply desires that church communities would embrace the call to the first commandment together!

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October 8-15: Building the House of Prayer

One of the most neglected and elusive components of the Church throughout history has been the foundation of prayer. Ironically, Jesus declared that prayer would be the primary characteristic of the house that He is building. So how will God transform the Church into a house of prayer and fill the earth with the incense of prayer? He will do it through an unprecedented revelation of the beauty of God that makes prayer not only joyful, but sustainable as well.

This program combines theological teaching with hands-on training for building a corporate prayer ministry that can joyfully persevere in the days of small beginnings. Participants also learn the harp and bowl model of worship and intercession used at the International House of Prayer. This program is ideal for leaders, worship teams, prayer groups, and anyone who desires to start or strengthen a prayer ministry in their local church, home, or workplace.

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November 5-12: Growing in Prayer and the Prophetic

What was the role of prophecy in the New Testament church, and what is its role in the Church today? Fortunately, the Bible has much to say on this subject, revealing that every Christian can hear the Lord’s voice and share His heart to others, so that they can be strengthened, encouraged, and comforted.

This program combines theological teaching with hands-on training to introduce the lifestyle, pitfalls, and protocol of prophecy, while also addressing the unique challenges and blessings associated with prophecy in the end times. Participants will learn how to hear God’s voice, discern how to speak to others, understand the value of restraint and humility in prophetic ministry, and grow in the gift of prophecy—whether in prophetic singing, exhortation, preaching, and/or evangelism.

Please note: Children’s tracks will not be available during this month.

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December 3-10: Encountering Jesus in the Song of Songs

In today’s hyper-sexualized culture, with increased confusion surrounding the subject of intimacy, what does cultivating “intimacy with God” really look like?

The Bible not only stresses cultivating the “oil of intimacy” with Jesus as a necessity for end-time preparation, but also describes a lifestyle of intimacy with God as the only wise way to live (Mt. 25:1–11). In fact, growing in the intimate knowledge of Jesus’ affections will guard our hearts from the offense, anger, deception, seduction, fear, and confusion of the end-times. Furthermore, this truth will transform the entire Church into a mature Bride, who is empowered by love and prepared for deep partnership with Jesus as He transitions this age into the age to come.

Please note: Children’s tracks will not be available during this month.


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