Intro to Ihopkc

Intro to Ihopkc



The Holy Spirit is raising up a generation of believers who love God with all their hearts, minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, and impact others. It is not enough to simply hear the call. The yes in the heart must be combined with real preparation for this great journey —through practical instruction, personal encounter, and spiritual impartation.


Intro to IHOPKC is a full-time internship program that encourages individuals into a lifetime of prayer and friendship with Jesus. This program is designed as a time of consecration, encounter, and missions through prayer. Many have rebuilt their spiritual foundations in this program through a season of encounter and equipping for a deeper life in prayer and confidence in the love of God. We welcome single and married applicants of all ages. While each internship has a distinctive age group, length, and schedule, they all share the same core training components.

Before Intro to IHOPKC, I loved the Lord but was lacking a true vision and purpose for my life. I now see Jesus more clearly than ever, understand who I am to Him, and realize my role in this hour of history.

Jaye Thomas

Jaye Thomas
Intro to IHOPKC Alumnus
Worship Leader


Upcoming Dates

January 9–April 4, 2024
May 7–August 1, 2024
September 10–December 5, 2024


We welcome individuals and families of all ages, from all across the globe.


One 3-month track.


$1,350 per track

International fee: $250 additional onetime admin fee

All payment is due by the first day of orientation. Cost covers all internship classes and activities, but does not include housing or food.


Our Children’s Equipping Center (CEC) imparts the same values and experiences to the smaller saints at an age-appropriate level through daily worship, fun activities, Bible lessons, and hands-on prayer room ministry opportunities. Tracks run concurrently with most adult sessions and are taught by passionate staff who desire to see the younger generation filled with the knowledge of God.

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Cost Includes

All internship teaching and activities; interns are responsible for their travel, food, and housing.

Adam Anderson


Adam Anderson, Intro to IHOPKC Director
Our family came to IHOPKC in the fall of 2012. Our plan, at the time, was to complete the Intro to IHOPKC internship and return to the mission field, but God had other plans. During our time in Intro, God completely changed my perspective of who He was and what it meant to engage Him in prayer. I always viewed prayer as a duty rather than a place to touch the heart of God and be touched by God. It was in the prayer room that God changed me. Our main desire for interns is that they would encounter the heart of God in the place of intercession. That God would knit their hearts to His heart for prayer, worship, Israel, the nations, and His bride (the church). My main objective for the internship is to help strengthen and equip the saints for their eternal calling as a kingdom of priests, therefore, growing and establish night & day prayer.



Is Intro to IHOPKC only for those who desire to join staff??

Although Intro does serve as one of IHOPKC’s missionary staff training programs, it is also for those who don’t feel called to join our staff. Intro is for anyone who wants to experience a consecrated season with God in a 24/7 house of prayer environment with other fiery believers. Some join Intro to serve as “short-term” intercessory missionaries while others come to “get as much as they can from the Lord” and return to their local church or house of prayer communities. Each intern has very personal reasons why they come to do Intro, but one thing is for sure, God is drawing people from all nations and setting them on the wall of intercession!

What type of training will I receive during the internship?

The main training aspect of our internship is in the ministry of prayer. In addition, you will receive varying degrees of training in areas such as studying the Bible and hearing the voice of God.

Is there any Homework or exams during my internship?

Intro interns will have weekly reading assignments and group discussions based on the weekly reading, but there is no formal homework or exams.

Who do I contact about Children’s Tracks?

For further information on tracks for children ages 1–12, please contact or (816) 763-0200 x.2525.

What about very young children?

At this time, we are unable to care for babies younger than one year old. Children below this age must be in the care of their parent(s) and are certainly welcome to be in class where and when appropriate. If you have any questions about this, contact ​​.