Israel Mandate

Related Ministries

Calling intercessors to stand in the place of prayer for these ministries in Israel

Casting Seeds (Rick and Dafna Wienecke)

A ministry centered around art as worship and intercession. Their main project is the Fountain of Tears sculpture. The IHOPKC Global Prayer Room hosts a miniature of the Fountain of Tears sculpture. The desert town Arad hosts a life-size version of the Fountain of Tears exhibit. The sculpture confronts the question of suffering and the Holocaust. A second life-size rendition of the Fountain of Tears can be seen just outside the gate of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Birkenau, Poland, in honor of the memory of those who lost their lives there.
Ministry locations: Arad, Israel; Birkenau, Poland

Dugit Outreach Ministries & Adonai Roi Congregation (Avi and Chaya Mizrachi)

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, offering live music and a free cup of coffee to all who walk by, Dugit shares the good news of Yeshua the Messiah to local Israelis and tourists. Adonai Roi is a community of Messianic believers with vibrant worship and prayer, serving the needs of Israelis. Their VIP Prayer Tower invites believers to intercede and worship together.
Ministry location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Final Frontier Ministries (Avner and Rachel Boskey)

Final Frontier revolves around worship, intercession, and teaching in community meetings, congregations, and conferences within Israel and among the nations. It also focuses on catalyzing the prophetic through teaching, roundtables, expression in creative arts, and studio recording of music (especially for young artists in Israel).
Ministry location: Beersheba

GOD TV / Shelanu TV (Ward Simpson and Ron Cantor)

Shelanu TV broadcasts on the internet the truth of Yeshua as the Messiah 24/7 to all Israelis in their language. With original programs of worship, teaching, and testimonies by indigenous Jewish believers in Hebrew they o”er bibles and follow up to Israelis who seek more. God TV broadcasts the good news to over 200 nations through their satellite networks and the internet.
Ministry location: Jerusalem, Israel

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (Jürgen Bühler) 

With 100 representatives in the nations, ICEJ stands with Israel and provides education to the Church regarding God’s purposes with Israel. The Jerusalem branch provides aid to the poor in Israel, assists with Aliyah (bringing the Jewish people home from the Diaspora), and hosts an annual Feast of Tabernacles event, which has brought thousands of pilgrim tourists to Israel (Zechariah 14:16).
Ministry location: Jerusalem

Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations (Tom and Kate Hess)

A multifaceted global ministry based in Jerusalem, providing 24/7 prayer as well as resources and convocations/conferences that help facilitate reconciliation amongst people groups since 1987.
Ministry location: Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, Israel

King of Kings Ministries, Firm Israel, Bead Chaim (Wayne and Anne Hilsden, Oded and Sandy Shoshani, Chad and Rebecca Holland)

A network of congregations and ministries advancing God’s kingdom in Israel through both English and Hebrew-speaking teams that share the Messiah’s love in the power of the Holy Spirit. FIRM ISRAEL is a network that empowers up to 70 local ministries, and Bead Chaim is the National Prolife organization.

Kehilat HaCarmel/Carmel Congregation (Dani and LuAnne Sayag, Peter Tsukahira, Karen Davis)

A community of Messianic believers on Mt. Carmel, reaching out to the lost with the love of Yeshua to both Jews and Arabs. Their foundational scriptures are the “one new man” of Ephesians 2; a “house of prayer for all nations” (Isaiah 56), and to give to the poor (Isaiah 58). They provide shelter for refugees and new immigrants; distribute food, hot meals and household goods to those in need, including Holocaust survivors; operate a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center; and facilitate intercessory worship on a regular basis.
Ministry locations: Isfiya, Mt. Carmel; Haifa

Tikkun Global (Asher and Betty Intrater)

Based in Jerusalem, Tikkun Global is a family contending for revival and restoration from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria to the ends of the earth and back again. Tikkun Israel is a fellowship of 12 Israeli hebrew language congregations and ministries, various emissaries and a humanitarian arm in the Land. Tikkun America is an equipping network of several dozen messianic congregations and ministries across the USA. One of our core missions is to work with the gentile Church for mutual repentance and restoration across the globe and once in alignment, revival will follow (Romans 11).
Ministry locations: Jerusalem, throughout Israel, America

Succat Hallel (Rick and Patricia Ridings)

Overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem, across the Ben-Hinnom Valley from the Temple Mount, Succat Hallel is a Spirit-led community that supports a 24/7 house of prayer, fellowship between Arab and Jewish believers, mixed Israeli and Arab youth groups, and worship conferences. It also hosts volunteers coming to serve as intercessors and worship leaders.
Ministry location: Jerusalem

Fields of Wheat and Tikkun Israel (Eitan & Connie Shishkoff)

Fields of Wheat is a team of Jewish and Arab believers led by Eitan Shishko”, committed to build the body of believers through discipleship, mentoring, and worship, along with practical ministry opportunities. At their national equipping center and other locations, they currently host retreats and camps for the youth of Israel. Eitan is also a leader of Tikkun Israel, a fellowship of a dozen congregations and ministries in Israel.
Ministry locations: Golan Heights and various locations /

Restoration from Zion, Tikkun America and Toward Jerusalem Council 2 (Daniel and Patricia Juster)

Daniel and Patricia Juster are based in Jerusalem as they equip Israeli leaders and travel globally leading other initiatives. As Executive team member of Towards Jerusalem Council 2, Dan works to bring reconciliation between Gentile and Jewish church movements. As Senior Apostalic leader of Tikkun America, along with Benjamin and Lorena Juster, Dan and Patty give oversight and training to a network of messianic congregations in the USA.
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