Life for teens can be challenging—and that’s without the weight of AP classes, finding good friends, battling hormones, and facing peer pressure. In a culture that is rapidly changing, our teens need the truth of God’s great love to help anchor and stabilize them.

As truth is often attacked and mocked, teens are better able to withstand the temptation to go the way of the world when they are in genuine relationship with the One who is Truth. When teens grow in love for Jesus, the winds of culture tend to feel as forceful as a light breeze. Instead, they are sustained by a vibrant relationship with the Son of God.

Get 5 Ways to Help Teens Love Jesus More

  • to urge teens toward a better understanding of how the Lord views them
  • to encourage them to receive their identity from the Lord
  • to help them cultivate a greater level of anticipation of how the Lord desires to love them fully
  • to see them develop a genuine passion for God’s word

A teen who receives their identity from the Lord is secure, because the world can not take away what it does not give.