Calling and Assignment

by Samuel Whitefield
4 months ago

Many Christians don’t know the difference between their calling and their assignment. See how they are different and how each one affects how we live and serve the Lord and others.

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Artists and Authors

100 Million Strong: A New Prophetic Song of Intercession for Israel by Chris Tofilon

by Adam Wittenberg

Chris Tofilon talks about his new song, "100 Million Strong," and how it can teach and inspire people to carry God’s heart for Israel, including through day and night intercession.

Our Top 10 Blogs of 2022


What do Israel, the end times, and first love for God all have in common? They are among the topics that made it into our top 10 blogs list for 2022! Read on to see which blog came out on top.

Jesus’ Return Is Part of the Gospel

by Samuel Whitefield

The return of Jesus was the greatest hope of the New Testament church and her motivation toward holy living. It can be ours too if we embrace learning about it.

The Day of His Mercy

by Samuel Whitefield

As history goes on, one of the great challenges we face is that most of the Church knows very little about what the Bible says regarding the return of Jesus and the events that surround it.

Our Top 10 Blogs of 2021


This year's top-ten-blogs list includes articles . . . from some of our senior leaders, Mike Bickle, Dana Candler, David Sliker, and Daniel Lim, as well as two blogs on raising children from John Chisholm.

Dads, Their Sons, and the ABCs of Emotional Intelligence

by John Chisholm

Believe it or not, happiness is tied to emotional intelligence. John advises fathers how to help their sons grow into mature, healthy men.

The Nobility of Barren Prayer

by Dana Candler

It's a myth that nothing is happening when we pray—even if we don't feel anything God is there, and He will respond!

The Tenderness of God in the Fall of Man

by Samuel Whitefield

"Even in the Bible’s darkest moments we can see the beauty of God’s person shining through." Samuel Whitefield gives a hopeful perspective on the fall of man in Genesis 3.

Dark Yet Lovely

by Dana Candler

Although our sin and weakness make us "dark," God says we are lovely. Gain confidence in How He sees you.

The Church and the Justice of God

by David Sliker

Adapted from chapter 2 of  The Nations Rage by David Sliker The Father has chosen to bring forth and establish justice…

Preparing for Revival and the Glory of the Lord

by David Sliker

Looking at difficult times here and great peril—and glory—ahead, David Sliker calls attention to the urgency of being prepared to walk in dynamic union with God through the Holy Spirit, prayer, and agreement with His Word.

Faith or Fear

by Audra Lynn

In shakings, our faith (or lack thereof) is revealed. Which path will we choose—fear or faith?

Clinging to God’s Promises in the Midst of Tragedy

by Corey Russell

Need hope in troubled times? One man's story of finding God in his darkest moments can encourage you.

The Virtual Worship Opportunity

by Justin Rizzo

Struggling to adjust to corporate worship online during these times? Veteran worship leader Justin Rizzo shares some encouragement and advice

The Artist’s Palette

by Mike and Anne Rizzo

Can discovering more of God's beauty actually lead to seeing greater beauty in our spouse and world and inspire spiritual growth? Find out more.

Don’t Waste Time Waiting on God

by Justin Rizzo

Where is God in the delay? Why should we wait on Him? Find out one man's answer.

Be True to Yourself

by Mike and Anne Rizzo

Being true to yourself is being true to following Christ, hearing His voice, and living for His glory.

Singing the Bible

by Brandon Oaks

I believe by singing the Bible regularly you will witness God printing His Word on your heart in a powerful way.

The Deepest Thing about You

by Daniel Hoogteijling

If you don’t have a revelation of God’s love for you personally, you will strive to earn His love.

Power to Deliver: A Practical Ministry Manual

by Stephen Beauchamp

I really wanted to create something that was for every believer—to have confidence that Jesus has given each and every one of us the power to overcome darkness and to pray for others to receive a breakthrough.

The Heart of Songwriting

by John G. Elliott

The book is an encapsulation of years of writing and also wanting to help people (especially my fellow Christian songwriters) learn how to write a song that could be sung for decades and have that kind of memorability to it.

Let Me Hear Your Voice

by Laura Hackett Park

He wants to listen to the sound of us talking, singing, and pouring out our hearts to Him. Doesn’t this make you want to talk and sing to Him more?

The Gospel Witness in the Midst of Racial Conflict

by Stuart Greaves

What we need in this hour is a narrative that transcends the left and the right, and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ.