Surprised by the Love of God

by Adam Wittenberg

A prophetic word released Jeff from years of striving and frustration in his faith, allowing him to feel God’s love for the first time.

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Training and Events

The Capable Leadership of Jesus

by IHOPKC Staff Writer

Millennials have lived in a generation of wars and rumors of wars, but the leadership of Jesus is still more than sufficient centuries later.

IHOPKC Summer Camps Are Turning Points

by IHOPKC Staff Writer

IHOPKC Worship Leader Juliana Thompson talks about the difference a summer camp made in her life and how it led her to where she is today.

Summer Camps at the International House of Prayer

by IHOPKC Staff Writer

The equipping of young believers is a priority. During the summer months we offer opportunities for youth to grow in intimacy with Jesus.

Onething Regionals

by IHOPKC Staff Writer

Our Onething Regionals offer times of corporate worship, prayer, and serving the community as we partner with local ministries.

IHOPU Student Equipped to Head Back to China

by IHOPKC Staff Writer

After attending school at IHOPU, one student heads home to China to impact his nation and sphere of influence.

From Retirement to Internship

by IHOPKC Staff Writer

The IHOPKC Simeon Internship is designed for those of retirement age, so they can spend their latter years building the house of prayer.

Something Wonderful Happened in New Jersey This Summer

by IHOPKC Staff Writer

Each summer, Lenny LaGuardia and our Children’s Equipping Center team have the privilege of sowing into the lives of thousands…