Onething: Testimonies of God's Faithfulness
Everything was getting worse and worse for me physically, until I got the chance to go to this amazing Christian conference called Onething...After prayer, my pain was completely gone.

Onething: Testimonies of God’s Faithfulness

by Adam Wittenberg
6/7/17 Training and Events

It’s hard to put into words all that God does during Onething, a conference of 15,000+ people, but here are some testimonies of healed and transformed lives:

Carrie, from California, experienced relief from anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when the Lord touched her during a Laura Hackett Park worship set.

“I felt a panic attack coming,” Carrie says. “My hands started getting sweaty, my heart was pounding . . . A minute later, Laura started singing about peace and praying against anxiety disorder.

“I started crying. There’s 20,000 people, and God is speaking to me. Driving back to our hotel, I had no symptoms of PTSD and I didn’t take any medication that night.”

Nikita, from North Carolina, has been attending Onething conferences since 2005. This past year, during a prayer time led by Todd White (a Onething 2017 speaker) “my neck was healed, my leg was healed, and the Lord began the process of healing my vision,” she says. “Thank You Jesus, and thank you for the Onething conference.”

Then there’s Matthew, from Arizona, who had missed work for four months after an assault, which left him with a traumatic brain Injury, postconcussive syndrome, a neck strain and sprain, and a back strain and sprain.

“Everything was getting worse and worse for me physically, until I got the chance to go to this amazing Christian conference called Onething,” he writes. “There, on the last day of the conference, I felt a change happening in my body as some friends were praying for me.

“During the prayer, it felt like it was just God and me. Right after the prayer, my pain was completely gone. God healed me!”

Back at home, Matthew told his chiropractor about the healing. “At first, he didn’t think much of it, but after he started checking my body he became speechless. ‘Your body is literally perfect. Two weeks ago I had to fix every part of you and now I can’t find one thing to adjust, it’s just perfect . . . It’s like nothing ever happened to you!’”

Matthew’s conclusion? “God’s works are perfect, His timing is perfect, and He is a perfect God!”

There are many who experience intimacy, refreshing, and a touch from God during Onething. Although the Lord can speak anywhere and at any time, He sometimes uses large gatherings to release corporate (and personal) words.

God marked Lydia, from Kansas, with a word about Mary of Bethany. “Every time I hear Mike Bickle, Misty Edwards, or Allen Hood speak, I always draw closer to the Lord,” she says.

Liz, from Seoul, South Korea, testifies that through a message from Misty Edwards, “God has powerfully restored my love and zeal for serving God and following Jesus.”

Mario, from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, experienced a renewed hunger to study the Bible after listening to Todd White, immediately launching into a two-hour Bible study with a friend. “It’s a breakthrough because I hadn’t really been reading my Bible,” he says.

Chris, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, experienced freedom as he sang along with the live webstream. “Incredible heaviness lifted from me and I feel like a new man,” he writes. “Though I have served Jesus twenty-five years; we all need fresh waves of His presence—thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

We often receive similar reports from Onething viewers and attendees:

I experienced the joy of the Lord come into the room. Wonderful!—Jerry, Michigan

I felt the power of the Holy Spirit.—David, Ontario, Canada

Praise the Lord for this inspiring, transformational, refreshing, empowering, aligning-with-heaven-across-the-Body-of-Christ event.—Ericka, Indianapolis, IN

There are more testimonies, and many great reasons to attend Onething, four days of passionate worship, anointed teaching, and ministry in the Holy Spirit’s power, Dec. 28-31 in Kansas City.

To find out more about this year’s conference, which includes Todd White, Francis Chan, Allen Hood, Mike Bickle, Jeremy Riddle of Bethel Music, Bryan and Katie Torwalt of Jesus Culture, and many others, click here. Plus, from now until June 30, Super Early Bird registration to Onething is just $49. Learn more »

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