This year’s top-ten-blogs list includes articles . . . from some of our senior leaders, Mike Bickle, Dana Candler, David Sliker, and Daniel Lim, as well as two blogs on raising children from John Chisholm.

Our Top 10 Blogs of 2021

1/11/22 Artists and Authors

At International House of Prayer, we’re known for covering a variety of topics related to Jesus, the end times, justice, God’s emotions, and, of course, prayer. This year’s top-ten-blogs list includes articles on these themes from some of our senior leaders, Mike Bickle, Dana Candler, David Sliker, and Daniel Lim, as well as two blogs on raising children from John Chisholm. There’s so much great content, we’re going to get right into it! So without further ado, we present to you the top ten blogs of 2021! 

10. Dads, Their Sons, and the ABCs of Emotional Intelligence by John Chisholm 

We’re starting off this list strong! Even in the tenth spot, John Chisholm brings some wonderful encouragement by offering helpful advice to fathers on how to use emotional intelligence to help their sons grow into mature, healthy men. “Happiness is critically linked to the way we relate to other people and the impact that we have on this world.” Read more >>

9. The Church and the Justice of God by David Sliker

Join David Sliker on a journey through Isaiah to see portraits of Jesus and how He will bring forth justice differently than many of today’s movements. “What is astonishing is the manner in which [Jesus] moves: in meekness and humility, in restraint and in lowliness of heart, offering mercy to all who seek Him, and all the while able to cause justice to prevail.” Read more >>

8. The Nobility of Barren Prayer by Dana Candler

Do you ever feel like the heavens are closed when you pray? It can be discouraging, but it’s a myth that nothing is happening! Dana Candler explains how God is working even when we don’t feel it. Our weak prayers “hold inestimable worth as we make our way up the mountain of the knowledge of God.” Read more >>

7. Knowing Jesus as He Desires to Be Known by Daniel Lim

Many believers are ignorant of the beauty and glory of Jesus that are revealed in the book of Revelation, but Daniel Lim challenges us to know Jesus through these two lenses. “I write this blog with the intent to remind lovers of Jesus to grow in their confidence of knowing Jesus in the book of Revelation. This book unveils some of the most fascinating revelations of the glory of Jesus Christ.” Read more >>

6. The War against Intercession by Samuel Whitefield

In this excerpt from Samuel Whitefield’s book Mercy Before Judgment, we read that having a right view of God greatly impacts our involvement in intercession. “We do not base intercession on the needs of people. We base it on the desire of God to show mercy. Once we realize that intercession is an act of participation in what God has decreed He will do, it radically shapes how we engage in intercession.” Read more >>

5. Dark Yet Lovely by Dana Candler

Do you struggle with feeling weak, unworthy, or less than enough? Dana Candler writes, “We are far weaker than we realize and far lovelier than we realize. And yet, even in our greatest weakness, God perceives in us more beauty than we can imagine.” Sound too good to be true? Dive deeper into the Song of Solomon with Dana to discover this reality. Read more >>

4. How to Strengthen Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence by John Chisholm

When we walk with our children through life’s ups and downs, it strengthens their emotional intelligence. John Chisholm offers practical advice for parents to build their child’s emotional quotient (EQ) based on biblical principles. “A big part of helping our kids navigate life is accomplished by giving them the tools they need to grow in their emotional development and understanding.” Read more >>

3. The Bride Has Made Herself Ready by Daniel Lim

Looking to Jesus’ return, Daniel Lim breaks down five biblical tasks that “constitute the final frontier of works for the corporate Bride of Christ that will make her ready for the marriage of the Lamb at the return of Jesus Christ, her Bridegroom.” Dive deeper into prayer, Israel, unity, and sharing the gospel of the kingdom with the world. Read more >>

2. Five Reasons to Value Studying the End Times by Mike Bickle 

The end times will have many pastoral challenges, including fear, deception, and unbelief. Mike Bickle encourages believers to gain a greater understanding of the last days in order to navigate the coming storms. “The greatest harvest of souls is coming in context to the end-time shaking of the nations. This shaking will be like a ‘perfect storm,’ affecting many areas of life—financial, political, societal, spiritual, military, and more.” Read more >>

And the most popular IHOPKC blog published in 2021 is . . .

1. The Fellowship of the Burning Hearts by Mike Bickle

It may be no surprise that this blog by IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle is sitting at the number one spot for 2021, and it’s for good reason. Mike elaborates on the foundational belief that what empowers us to love God more is experiencing more of His love, including the burning affection shared between the three persons of the Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. “Our primary reward in this life is this ability to feel God’s love for us and to feel love for Him. The anointing to experience God’s love from Him and back to Him is the primary anointing related to cultivating an intimate relationship with Jesus, the Bridegroom God.” Read more >> 

Thanks again for reading! We hope you’ve enjoyed this top-ten list as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. We look forward to bringing you even more relevant articles in the days ahead. Blessings as you read, pray, and wait upon the Lord. “Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31).

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