Chaos Beneath the Shade

How to Uproot and Stay Free from Bitterness

About the Book

Remember that thing you just can’t get over? Betrayal, tragedy, rejection — we’ve all experienced loss and injustice on a magnitude God never designed us for. Now that we’ve faced it, we’re older, wiser . . . and rightly on guard against this fallen world. Or are we? Could it be that our cranky moods and critical words aren’t just momentary lapses but evidence of a fatal poison creeping into our spiritual root system?  Bitterness — the word no one wants to say — has taken hold.

From her own experience getting free, Tracey Bickle honestly walks us through recognizing and overcoming the bitterness lurking within and its resulting chaos. Offenses will come; will they ruin us or will we emerge tender, victorious, and joyful? How should we treat those who have sinned against us, and how can we be healed from the pain of heart injuries? Join Tracey and discover the wise counsel of God to free us from the chaos of bitterness and release us into peace.


  • Tracey Bickle


  • Forerunner Publishing

Publish Year:

  • 2015


  • 978-0-9755625-1-2


“We know the harm of bitterness, but few have the courage or humility to attest to its seduction. Tracey Bickle is a compelling, honest, and fiercely kind soul who has allowed her story and struggle to take us on an intimate journey into facing and engaging bitterness. You will find comfort and clarity in how Tracey walks with you into resurrection freedom.” — Dan B. Allender, The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

“This book is a life changer.” — Andrew Comiskey, Desert Stream Ministries

About the Author

Tracey Bickle serves on the senior leadership team of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City, where she has been the director of Restoration and Recovery in the Pastoral Support department for the past sixteen years. She teaches and equips others to walk in freedom from all manner of brokenness. Tracey has three married children and is a delighted grandma to five. Her heart is to help remove all that hinders love in the lives of people. Tracey is the author of Chaos Beneath the Shade: How to Uproot and Stay Free from Bitterness.


  1. Introduction
  2. 1. My Story
  3. 2. Bitterness - The Sin Crouching at the Door
  4. 3. The Heartache of Unmet Expectations
  5. 4. Unseen Root Systems
  6. 5. Dealing With Disappointment
  1. 6. The Way of the Heart
  2. 7. Ruling Your Emotions
  3. 8. Walking Free Through Thankfulness
  4. 9. Forgiveness Breaks the Cycle
  5. Appendix: Seeking Counsel