Power to Deliver: Ministry Manual

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About the Book

Spiritual Deliverance Training for Personal and Team Ministry

Every believer is called to set the captives free. From the author of Power to Deliver, this step-by-step ministry manual for individuals and teams contains practical instruction on how to bring spiritual deliverance to oppressed and tormented people who desire freedom.

Through a sound, biblical foundation, specific and direct prayers, and proven tools, this manual provides a clear, concise way to build a ministry team, helps you determine who qualifies for this type of ministry, and walks you through a succinct process of confronting demonic influence in the life of the ministry recipient. You will be equipped to avoid common pitfalls and operate effectively in deliverance ministry.

The manual includes:

  • ·       Overview of demonic influence and spiritual deliverance
  • ·       Training in building and operating a deliverance team
  • ·       Step-by-step instructions for each level of deliverance
  • ·       Prayers to use during ministry
  • ·       Pre- and post-ministry forms for teams and recipients

In an age of growing darkness, every Christian needs a fruitful, healthy, and simple way to help people with their spiritual needs. This clear and comprehensive manual can be used personally, in altar ministry, or by deliverance teams.


  • Stephen Beauchamp


  • Forerunner Publishing

Publish Year:

  • 2019

About the Author

Stephen Beauchamp is part of the leadership of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. Stephen serves as the director of Prophecy, Healing, and Deliverance at IHOPKC and the International House of Prayer University. He has been in deliverance ministry for 15 years and is the author of Power to Deliver: A Guide to Spiritual Warfare and Freedom. Stephen and his wife, Sage, are both graduates of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry and are itinerate all over the world spreading the message of spiritual revival.


  1. 1. Understanding Demonic Influence and Spiritual Deliverance
  2. 2. Developing a Deliverance Ministry
  3. 3. Deliverance Procedures: Steps for Personal, Level One, and Level Two Deliverance Sessions
  4. 4. Spiritual Deliverance Prayers
  1. 5. The Sixteen Strongholds
  2. Appendix 1: Pre- and Post-ministry Forms
  3. Appendix 2: Pre- and Post-ministry Handouts
  4. Appendix 3: Prayer for Release from Freemasonry


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