Prayer: Why Our Words to God Matter

About the Book

Did you know the ministry that Jesus has in heaven at this moment is intercession? Jesus is an intercessor, and all believers are invited to share this high calling in Christ. In Prayer: Why Our Words to God Matter, Corey Russell invites you to embrace this identity in a fresh way, showing us from the Bible, from history, and from what God is doing around the world today that our conversation with God really does matter.

Corey’s unique perspective teaches us about the dynamic relationship we have with God in prayer. God speaks His Word, it moves our heart, then we speak the Word back to Him and it moves His heart, and in the entire process His resources are released from heaven. Let this teaching help you on your prayer journey, a journey that if embraced will change your world forever.


  • Corey Russell


  • Forerunner Publishing

Publish Year:

  • 2013


Corey Russell is one of the most faithful and committed intercessors I know. For years he has devoted himself to prayer, and his ministry is the product of his life of intercession. In this book he shares his insights and perspective on prayer, eternity, and the role of intimacy with God in sustaining a vibrant prayer life. This is a helpful resource for anyone looking to add fresh fuel to their intercession or seeking to understand their identity and calling in the kingdom. —Mike Bickle, International House of Prayer

Corey Russell does not just talk about intercession. He lives it. Hours a day, dozens of hours a week. So when you read his book you, too, will be moved to live a life of prayer. Whether through the sound theology of intercession this book lays out, or through the powerful testimonies of how things in heaven and on earth are moved when people pray, or simply through the raw passion for intercession the author evidences, your desire to commune with God will be stirred. I highly recommend it! —Stacey Campbell, Revival Now

There are few men I trust more in the area of intercession than Corey Russell. I have had the privilege of walking with him as a friend and witnessing firsthand his heart for prayer and revival. In the same way my heart was stirred as a young leader reading about Frank Bartleman and the Asuza Street Revival, Corey stirs my heart to believe and intercede for revival in our day. My prayer is that this book will ignite a new generation of intercessors who will give themselves to see the nations transformed by encountering the extravagant love of Jesus. Corey not only carries a message of prayer, he also carries the authority to release others into a life of prayer. His message is not theory, but birthed in the secret place of intercession. —Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture

The world will not be changed through politics. It will only be changed when believers become “normal”—normal as defined by the Bible. Corey Russell will show you how! —Sid Roth, It’s Supernatural!

In Prayer: Why Our Words to God Matter, Corey Russell highlights the unprecedented growth of the prayer movement across the earth and reveals the individual significance this reality holds for be- lievers everywhere. The Holy Spirit is drawing sons and daughters into the Father’s house—and His house is a house of prayer. At once profoundly prophetic and simply devotional, this book gets to the heart of intercession and answers the questions “What is God doing?” and “How can I connect with Him?” A must-read for anyone who desires to develop a life of prayer and connect to the bigger picture. —Allen Hood, International House of Prayer University

Why does almighty God connect the release of His power and government to us simply talking to Him? Because He desires intimacy with us! My good friend Corey Russell unpacks this reality and many more in his new book, Prayer: Why Our Words to God Matter. After 2,000 years, “Teach us to pray” is still the resounding prayer from Jesus’ disciples, and this book is one of the answers to that prayer! —Rick Pino, Heart of David Worship Center, Austin, TX

Corey Russell's new book communicates with authority and clarity of what God is doing in this generation on the earth right now. — Carolyn

One of the most important things you want from an audiobook it’s for the narrator to have a clear and attractive voice, and by attractive voice I mean one doesn’t make you feel bored or sleepy. In this case Corey Russell is the one reading the book, and his voice is really clear, giving the right emphasis to the right words. — Angel

The book is well written, grounded in the Word and relevant to our daily lives. — Rachel

Corey Russell brings truth and such a message that sparks a true and powerful prayer life!... Such a good read, so powerful! — Nataliya

I have found Corey's teachings on prayer among the best I have ever heard or read, and I've read many books on the subject. — Director of a House of Prayer

About the Author

Corey Russell served on the leadership team of the International House of Prayer for more than 15 years and as an instructor at International House of Prayer University. With a mission to disciple and train young preachers and leaders, Corey travels nationally and internationally preaching on the knowledge of God, intercession, and the forerunner ministry. He has authored books such as Prayer: Why Our Words to God Matter and The Glory Within: The Interior Life and the Power of Speaking in Tongues. Corey is married to Dana, and they have three daughters, Trinity, Mya, and Hadassah.


  1. Foreword by Lou Engle
  2. Preface | Free audiobook sample
  3. 1. Awakening to Our Identity
  4. 2. Who Are You Talking To? | PDF download
  5. 3. What Do You Want, God?
  6. 4. The Revelation of Intercession
  7. 5. Old Testament Intercessors, Part 1
  1. 6. Old Testament Intercessors, Part 2
  2. 7. Jesus: His Intercession and Our Union with Him
  3. 8. Teach Us to Pray
  4. 9. The Furnace of Prayer
  5. 10. Birthing Revival
  6. 11. Where Is This Going?
  7. 12. What Does This Look Like Today?