Raising Burning Hearts

About the Book

Can the next generation become passionate followers of God, equipped and ready to fulfill their destinies?

Christian parents and mentors are entrusted with the call to nurture and train hearts, releasing children to excel in loving and seeking God. In Raising Burning Hearts, Patricia Bootsma draws on her experience of raising six children and mentoring many others, and shares the profound and hopeful news that this calling is not beyond our reach.

Combining practicality and spiritual understanding, Patricia covers important strategies that are often overlooked, like the power of blessing our children, of prophetically declaring truth over them, and of teaching young ones how to hear God’s voice, seek Him in the Word, and be constant in prayer. Sharing tangible applications and real-life testimonies, Patricia assures us that parents and mentors can fulfill their heavenly mandate—to raise up and release next generation lovers of God into their epic purpose.


  • Patricia Bootsma


  • Forerunner Publishing

Publish Year:

  • 2014


Patricia calls mothers, fathers, leaders, and mentors in the Body of Christ to guide the younger generation to their greatest calling in life—wholehearted, abandoned love for Jesus in keeping with becoming the Bride of Christ and living the first and great commandment. ­  —Mike Bickle, International House of Prayer

John and Patricia have been spiritual children of my husband and I for over twenty-five years. We have watched firsthand how they have raised their children. They have truly raised ones with burning hearts—loving Jesus, loving each other, and wanting to impact the next generation. We highly recommend Patricia’s book. It gives practical and extremely helpful ways to raise your children and mentor them to be fruitful, godly leaders. —Carol Arnott, Catch the Fire Toronto

The younger generation is crying out for mentors: fathers and mothers who can nurture and give guidance, affirmation, and covering. Many of these ones have been raised in broken homes with parental abandonment, and even in the church there is oftentimes little spiritual or life mentoring. For years, Patricia Bootsma and her husband have brilliantly and effectively stepped up to the plate. If anyone could write a book on this subject that would exhort and impart the heart and the skills for mentoring these ones, it would be Patricia. I love her passion to see the next generation arise to be all they can be—to fulfill their God-given destiny in character, calling, and gifting. Through this book, she will surely encourage you to step into a glorious grace from your heavenly Father to pour love and nurture into this generation of precious treasures and reformers. —Patricia King, XP Ministries

There is no one I know more qualified to write a book on raising and mentoring next-generation lovers of God than Patricia Bootsma. She is one of my heroes. Having raised six kids of her own—homeschooling them while pastoring churches, speaking around the world, building houses of prayer, and launching prophetic roundtables—she has earned the right to speak on this subject. This book is not simply theory—it is filled with the kind of practical wisdom that only comes from having lived out what is being taught. If you could only meet the author and her incredible children, you would not hesitate to put into practice everything this book teaches. I more than highly recommend it. —Stacey Campbell, RevivalNOW! Ministries, Canadian Prophetic Council

In Raising Burning Hearts, Patricia Bootsma encourages every parent to take seriously the call to pray for and over their children. She shares testimonies from her heart as a mother and as an intercessor. Patricia takes us along on an honest journey into the power of God to give wisdom and understanding to parents who desire to raise children fully equipped to follow Him. She trusted God even in the tiny things for each child, and you will be blessed and encouraged as she unfolds her experiences in answered prayer. It will build up your faith and inspire you also to pray over each child, everyday and in every season, and to raise them with the wisdom of God. —Julie Meyer, International House of Prayer

I am blessed to endorse Patricia Bootsma’s new book, Raising Burning Hearts: Parenting and Mentoring Next Generation Lovers of God. Running after intimacy with Jesus and studying scripture should be normal practices for all Christian families. Patricia’s conviction that we need to expose our children to the glory and presence of God especially touched my heart. She emphasizes that by guiding parents not to compromise our Christian morals and values, we are truly keeping God’s word alive to the next generation. It is refreshing that she models in her own home what she puts to paper. — Heidi G. Baker, PhD, Iris Global

About the Author

Patricia Bootsma and her husband, John, are the senior leaders of Catch the Fire Canada. Patricia has been leading houses of prayer for over fifteen years and has a heart for all to walk in passionate love for the Lord and in the fullness of His destiny for them. Patricia is the author of three books: Convergence, Raising Burning Hearts, and A Lifestyle of Divine Encounters. She and John are parents (of six amazing children) as well as grandparents.


  1. Foreword
  2. Introduction
  3. 1. Be a Model
  4. 2. The Love Factor
  5. 3. Intercession and Prophetic Decrees
  6. 4. The Power of Blessing
  1. 5. The Word of God
  2. 6. The Revelatory Gift
  3. 7. Prayer
  4. 8. Courtship, Marriage, and Letting Go
  5. Appendix