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The Sacred Charge is a sevenfold lifestyle commitment for those who desire to live as forerunners. The forerunner message emphasizes Jesus’ second coming, while proclaiming and manifesting the power of Jesus’ first coming, as forerunners win the lost, heal the sick, help the poor, and walk in love and holiness. In this hour, the Lord is preparing forerunners from many different streams in the Body of Christ worldwide and is now calling some to embrace a season of rigorous preparation that will equip them to more effectively proclaim the forerunner message in the midst of the coming pressures.

Forerunners imitate the lifestyle of John the Baptist and the New Testament apostles, who rejected the professional robes of religion for a lifestyle of radical obedience to Jesus and walking in the power of the Spirit. This involves embracing much prayer with fasting as they seek to go deep in the Word, while at the same time winning the lost, healing the sick, making disciples, planting churches, and operating in the power of the Spirit to meet the needs of people.

As forerunners proclaim the Word and do the works of the kingdom, they glorify Jesus and deliver the oppressed; by the very same activity, they are being prepared to be used even more in the years ahead. In light of the crisis that confronts our generation, we must imitate a biblical lifestyle that will prepare us to be part of the answer. These commitments are the starting point for those who desire to live out the forerunner lifestyle.

The Seven Commitments are:

  1. Pray Daily

    Connecting with God while changing the world by releasing His power.

  2. Fast Weekly

    Positioning ourselves to receive more from God by fasting two days a week.

  3. Do Justly

    Being zealous for good works of compassion and justice that exalt Jesus as we impact every sphere of society.

  4. Give Extravagantly

    Experiencing the joy of financial power encounters as we sacrificially give money for God’s kingdom purposes and support the prayer movement.

  5. Live Holy

    Living fascinated in the pleasure of loving God that overflows to loving people.

  6. Lead Diligently

    Taking initiative to minister to others and make disciples by regularly leading in outreaches, prayer meetings, and Bible studies.

  7. Speak Boldly

    Being a faithful witness of the truth with allegiance to Jesus’ Word.

Please read Mike Bickle’s book 7 Commitments of a Forerunner before making your commitment to the Sacred Charge.


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7 Commitments of a Forerunner

7 Commitments of a Forerunner
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