The African American Forerunner Alliance (AAFA) is committed to serving the Lord’s prophetic purpose in the black community. The Lord is calling forth a generation out of the African American community, anointing preachers and worship leaders who will stand as prophetic messengers and worshipers.

Jesus will have an inheritance of believers from every tribe and tongue and nation on earth (see Rev. 5:9–10). The black community is no exception to this glorious promise. But there is a crisis. Abortion, AIDS, and imprisonment threaten the black community, which is the only demographic in the United States that is decreasing at an increasing rate. Spiritually, churches are languishing. 80 percent of Islamic converts come from the Church, and 85 percent of those are African American. There is a culture of death, Islam, violence, and hip-hop that is engulfing many of the youth within the black community.

In this hour, the Holy Spirit is calling those who have ears to hear. He is calling forth leaders from the black community who will arise as prophetic voices and take their place in the end-time prayer movement.