Vision and History

The All Nations Prayer Room hosts eleven prayer and worship sets led by full worship teams. Each set lasts two hours, with a total of twenty-two hours weekly. There are currently nine languages using the harp and bowl model of intercessory worship: Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Farsi, German, and French.

Our aim is to be a resource to believers in 200+ countries, providing live worship teams via our webstream to support small prayer rooms in other nations. In this way we can help strengthen and train singers, musicians, and intercessors in intercessory worship in their own language.

We recognize that the Lord has called us to serve believers in other parts of the world, even in their own language. It is a privilege and a great joy to minister across the earth through the ANPR.

We regularly host seminars to train internationals who visit the All Nations Prayer Room, as well as offering a one-year IHOPU program in Chinese.

Our desire is to bless, serve, and encourage internationals and to help strengthen the growing prayer movement, as the Lord calls men and women all over the world to make the first commandment to love God first in their lives and to worship the worthy King. We have heard that in China, underground church leaders are using our live webstream in some of their prayer meetings.

Our first prayer meeting in Spanish was held in the fall of 2002. In March 2004, we began harp and bowl intercessory worship in Chinese, followed by Korean in 2006. Other languages were added as the Lord gathered believers from other nations to our number.

In June 2013, the All Nations Prayer Room was dedicated in a newly renovated and equipped 250-seat facility on our IHOPU campus. This facility provides the capability for live webstreaming in nine languages, presently taking place between 8am and 8pm (Central Time), Monday to Friday.