Camp Guidelines

Camp Guidelines

  1. Teens must remain on the camp premises during the camp session.
  2. Teens must be present and engaged in all camp activities.
  3. Teens are expected to maintain clean bunking areas, as well as helping to maintain a clean camp.
  4. Teens are expected to speak to one another in an appropriate and encouraging manner. No crude language, gesturing, inappropriate joking, or bullying will be tolerated.
  5. Teens are expected to speak and act in a respectful manner to all camp leaders and staff.
  6. Teens are not allowed to have inappropriate relationships or exclusive interactions with other teens. This applies to teens of opposite genders, as well as teens of the same gender.
  7. Teens are not allowed to have inappropriate physical contact with one another (i.e. hand-holding, hugging, kissing, sexual activity, or any inappropriate displays of affection).
  8. Teens must abide by the dress code while at camp. Teens dressed outside of the camp dress code will be asked to change. If a teen does not have appropriate clothing, some will be provided for them by camp staff.
  9. Abusive behavior and defiant disobedience will NOT be tolerated. This includes self-abusive behavior (drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, self-mutilation) and others (bullying, fighting, verbal abuse).
  10. Food is not permitted in the sleeping quarters, auditorium, or prayer room.
  11. No weapons (knives, guns, lighters, etc.).
  12. No drugs, alcohol, tobacco products.
  13. Cell phones are only allowed during designated times. (Junior High campers are asked to leave their phones and electronics at home each day.)

Violation of any of the above guidelines may result in the immediate removal from camp and parents/guardians will be responsible for any necessary travel accommodations or expenses. Teens removed from camp early will not receive a refund of camp tuition.

The following items will not be allowed during the camp week and will be confiscated at check-in:

  • Items that alter one’s appearance in a temporary or permanent manner, including but not limited to: piercing supplies, hair dye, body markings (i.e. tattoos, etc.)
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Lighters, matches, Zippo’s
  • Fireworks
  • Pranking supplies
  • Illicit materials (pornography, magazines, secular books/CDs)
  • Electronic devices of any kind (digital cameras are allowed)
  • Drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

Please note: Any items not listed above that are deemed inappropriate or unacceptable by camp staff will be confiscated and returned to campers at the end of the week, illegal items will not be returned to campers.