FAQ 2022

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a normal day like?

Camp days are fun and busy, but vary depending on which camp you attend. Breakfast is followed by morning small group or prayer room time, lunch, afternoon activities or class, dinner, evening service and games. The evening sessions are a time of corporate worship, group games, teaching and preaching, and ministry time. Expect your teen to return home tired; we run a vigorous camp schedule to maximize your teen’s experience at ATC.

Click Here for a typical daily camp schedule.

How much spending money should I bring/send with my teen?

ATC merchandise is available to purchase at the Forerunner Bookstore, and a snack and beverage canteen is open for teens for the duration of the camp. Past campers have suggested bringing about $100 per camp session. However, there are no required personal expenses during ATC.

When will I receive confirmation of my/my teen’s enrollment?

Once all online forms are completed, an “IHOPKC Enrollment Acceptance Email” confirmation is sent to the email account you provided during enrollment. Note: Please do not book your flights until this confirmation has been received.

Can I/my teen attend more than one camp session?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of camp sessions teens can attend.

Do I/does my teen need health insurance?

It is highly recommended, but not required. If the teen does not already have coverage, many companies sell short-term coverage for as little as $30. If you decide to purchase health insurance, it must be purchased before camp enrollment.

What happens if my teen gets homesick?

Homesickness is common among teens during summer camp—a wonderful home deserves to be missed! It can be hard to make adjustments to a new environment with new people; however, it is a great opportunity for growth. We want to encourage teens to embrace the encounter God has in store for them, but we know it isn’t always easy. Should you receive a letter or a phone call from your homesick teen, encourage him or her and focus on talking about what he or she is enjoying at camp. If you have concerns, please call the ATC office. We are happy to put you in touch with your teen’s counselor if the need arises. Help your teen understand ATC’s communication policy so he or she isn’t surprised once they arrive at camp.

What are grounds for dismissal?

In rare circumstances, the camp director reserves the right to dismiss any camper whose influence or actions are judged to be detrimental to the best interest of other campers. Actions include, but are not limited to, consistent disrespect of authority, giving or getting piercings, possession or use of drugs and/or weapons, theft, self-abuse, inappropriate physical contact, and sexual activity.

Who are the Group Leaders?

All Group Leaders are selected after an application process which includes references, an interview, and a background check. Most Group Leaders are students at International House of Prayer University or staff at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City.


Are there discounts for siblings and youth groups?

Youth Group Rates
10 or more: 15% discount per teen

30 or more: 30% discount per teen

Sibling Discount
A 5% discount is available for siblings who attend the same camp session.

Please note: Each family is eligible for one discount. Discounts may not be used in combination with one another.

Is it possible for teens to arrive late, leave early, or stay in other accommodations and receive a discount?

No, teens must arrive and depart on the days scheduled. We do not reduce costs for early or late arrival or early departure.

What is the refund policy?

The $50 deposit fee is non-refundable. Camp fees are non-refundable one week prior to the camp session beginning. Please contact the ATC Office for specific information regarding refund availability.

When are the camp fees due?

Total fees are due one week before the beginning of the teen’s first session of camp.

How do I pay?

You can pay online through your parent dashboard. If you are unable to pay online, you may pay over the phone with a debit or credit card by calling our office.

Phone: (816) 763-0200 x.7123

Are scholarships or discounts available?

We do not offer scholarships. There is a 5% discount for every additional sibling in the same camp session.


When can I make travel arrangements?

Once you have received confirmation of enrollment, you may make necessary travel arrangements. Please do not make flight reservations before receiving confirmation of enrollment.

Are there hotels nearby where parents can stay?

Yes. Click Here for a list of nearby hotels.

Can I/my teen drive to camp?

Yes, but we do not allow teens to drive themselves or other teens during camp sessions and stay-over camp sessions. Teens who drive to ATC must park their vehicle at the camp facility and must turn in their keys until the end of camp.

When is check-in and check-out?

Check-in is 1–4pm on the first day of camp. Shuttles from the Kansas City Airport (MCI) to camp will be available until 3pm.

Check-out is 10am–noon on the last day of camp. Shuttles from camp to MCI will be available until 3pm.

I am/my teen is flying. When should I schedule the flight?

Arriving flights must be scheduled between 8:30am and 3pm on the day camp begins. Departing flights must be scheduled between 10am and 3pm on the day camp ends. This is when shuttles are available to transport teens to and from the airport. No exceptions are made. See details below.

Is transportation available to and from the airport?

ATC schedules shuttles to transport campers to and from the airport. Arriving flights must be scheduled between 8:30am and 3pm on the day camp begins. Departing flights must be scheduled between 10am and 3pm on the day camp ends. We do not provide shuttle services on any other days or outside of these times. We provide shuttle service as a courtesy to ATC campers. Please complete all transportation forms in order to have your camper picked up from the airport. Flight information must be submitted at least two weeks before arrival and/or departure date to reserve a seat on the shuttle. This is not a typical IHOPKC ministry service.

Will the shuttle pick up teens at bus or train stations?


I have scheduled transportation outside of the times/locations when ATC shuttles are available. What should I do?

You will need to book a taxi or an outside shuttle service.

I have not submitted the flight information and/or payment by two weeks prior to the travel date. What should I do?

You will need to book a taxi or an outside shuttle service.

I am/my teen is flying as a minor. Is there anything I need to know about this?

It is the responsibility of the teen or his/her parents to check with the airline company regarding travel of minors. The age considered a minor varies by airline. United Airlines and Southwest Airlines have been easiest for us to work with in the past due to more lenient policies. We have sometimes had problems picking up teens under a certain age without proper documentation so please familiarize yourself with the policies of the airline, make sure documentation is in place, and contact us about any special circumstances.

Is transportation provided during camp?

Yes, we provide shuttle services between accommodations and all ATC events.


How can I contact ATC?

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns not listed under FAQ.

Email: atc@ihopkc.org
Office/Camp Phone: (816) 763-0200 x.7123 (9am–4pm CST, Monday–Friday during camps)

How can I contact my teen during camp?

Address for Camper Mail (for use only during camp sessions)
To send an email to your camper during a camp session email atcteenmail@ihopkc.org with your teen’s name in the subject line.

During camp sessions, teens’ cell phones are held by their Group Leader. They are returned to the teens during set times when they may call home.