Worship Academy

Dates: July 7–15

Ages: 14–18

Cost: $580 per camp

The Worship Academy is focused on raising up prophetic singers and musicians who will impact the earth. Campers receive skills in leadership development and hands-on experience in live workshops and student-led worship and prayer meetings. Each camper is placed on a worship team, where they receive worship team training in our Student Prayer Room. Students can expect to improve on their instruments, while receiving a biblical understanding of prophetic worship. Campers spend time in the IHOPKC Global Prayer Room, attend evening services, and engage in team-building games and activities. No musical prerequisites are required; students of all skill levels are welcome.

ATC Worship Academy Workshops

The goal of our workshops is to give practical, hands-on training to campers. There is nothing more beneficial in the learning process than having an opportunity to immediately put into practice what is learned. Worship leaders, singers, musicians, and prayer leaders will learn applicable techniques and ideas, while drawing inspiration from our excellent instructors.

Worship Leaders

This workshop seeks to impart effective leadership principles that will impact and challenge worship leaders for years. Whether you are leading worship infrequently or every week, this workshop will challenge the way that you approach worship, your team, and the people you are leading. You will also be given practical tools to help deepen your relationship with God off-stage, so that you can more effectively lead others when you’re on stage.


The Lord is raising up prophetic singers all across the earth. These singers will hear the voice of the Lord as they sing His heart through the Word of God. Practical coaching will be provided as singers learn to sing the Word of God using the Harp & Bowl worship model. Singers in our vocal workshop will also learn valuable vocal techniques to improve confidence and pitch.


Our focused workshops for musicians will offer valuable lessons in introductory theory, hands-on instruction, and instrumental technique. Campers can expect to come away inspired and challenged with applicable musical skills.

Prayer Leaders

In this workshop, campers will be able to participate in a model of worship and prayer that combines the two together in an enjoyable way. They will also learn the apostolic prayers in the New Testament, as well as the foundations of intercession, devotional engagement with the Lord, and how to lead their peers in powerful, effective prayer.


Junior High


High School Worship & Impact Camp: Day Camp


High School Worship & Impact Camp: Overnight Camp


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Please contact atc@ihopkc.org or (816) 763-0200 x.7123, Monday–Friday, 12–5pm CDT, if you have questions.