How to find your login information if you have not changed it from the original made for you

Go to your email.

Search for “End-Times Studies Account” - This will bring up the initial email that we sent you.

Open that email.

Inside of that email you will find your username and your password.

How to access your online video library

Go to or select "My Courses" in the menu.

Select your language.

Input your login information. This automatically opens your library.

How to access the contents of a course

Click the “view course” button.

Select which week you would like to view and open the session under the drop bar.

How to access the most recent uploaded content

Units are uploaded left to right. The right-most unit is the most recent unit.

How to access units after 10+ have been uploaded

After 10 units you will have to select the “view all” button.

This will bring you to a page that shows 9 units of material. Scroll down and hit “Next.”

Whatever unit is at the bottom of these pages is the most recent unit.

How to access the live-stream from your library

Go to your library.

Select the course under which you’re watching the live stream.

Go to the most recent upload.

Select “Watch Live.”

Either click on the picture or click on the link of the “Watch Live” page.