KidCity7 Outreach and Discipleship

KidCity7 Outreach

KidCity7 is an initiative to reach children and youth in our local neighborhoods with the truth and love of God. We use our Sidewalk Sunday School truck to travel and communicate the gospel. Each truck goes out with a team and is equipped with a self-contained stage, a sound system, and more. Our KidCity7 evangelism and discipleship program has four phases: Outreach, Family Restoration, Life Skills, and Church Shuttle Transportation.

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Weekly Outreach:

Our weekly outreaches, each led by a site pastor and team, take place on Wednesday evenings, 4:30-7:30pm. The neighborhoods we are currently ministering to weekly are Calico Farms, Daisy Walnut, Ruskin Heights, and Raytown, while also providing tutoring and after-school programs for students in Hickman Mills and Grandview schools. Some of our ministry connections include YWAM, OJC, Team X-treme, GVPF Chaplains, KC Evangelists Fellowship. City connections include Mayor Leonard Jones, Chief Charlie Iseman, Superintendent Kenny Rodriguez, Superintendent Dr. Carpenter.

For the winter, KidCity7 outreaches to local neighborhoods will continue weekly at the same days and times. However, we will be shuttling the children from the neighborhoods to the Camp and Training Center.

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday Outreach to Walnut Apartments, 4–6pm
Thursday Outreach to Calico Farms Apartments, 4–6pm
Saturday Outreach to Ruskin Heights, 10am–12pm

Family Restoration

Family Restoration consists of monthly and biannual outreaches where our outreach neighborhoods gather for a celebration service at different citywide locations, including The View, New Life in Christ International Ministries, Forerunner Church, and International House of Prayer Camp and Training Center.

Monthly Citywide KidCity7 Service

First Saturday of the month (except December), 12–2pm, Camp and Training Center

Biannual: We have our Impacting Our City festival outreach during the fall and spring.

Life Skills Courses

Life skills courses are given on a quarterly basis.
Meeting Locations: IHOPU, Forerunner Church, and Camp and Training Center.

Church Shuttle Transportation

To serve our parents and children, KidCity7 provides transportation services from our outreach sites to our Sunday church services and monthly/biannual outreaches.

Burke Elementary School Mentorship Program

KidCity7 is now serving Burke Elementary school—just minutes from the Global Prayer Room—in their mentorship program. We are looking for adults with a passion for the next generation and a desire to be an encouraging voice to a student who needs extra support. The commitment is 45 minutes per week, sometime between 8am and 5pm. If you are interested in being a mentor, please email

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