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Mobilizing Children In Prayer And Missions

Missions and prayer organizations are linking arms across the hemispheres, working together to see the gospel preached to every tongue, tribe, and nation in this generation. Jesus prophesied that the church will complete this mission before He returns. He strengthened us with the promise that the church will prevail, and His intention was cooperation of a unified body of Christ working together throughout the earth with common identity and goals. The discipleship of the nations can be achieved no other way than through the power of the Holy Spirit working through an army of believers. No disciple of Jesus is exempt from this commission, and each, having a part, contributes to its fulfillment. However, a significant portion of the church has been neglected to be informed, trained, or commissioned to take part in Jesus’ Great Commission. Like the disciples who dismissively rebuked the mothers bringing their infants to Jesus for a blessing, the church has been guilty of having the same mindset: that our children are in some way unable to fully access the kingdom of God, and so we fail to see their part in fulfilling the church’s greatest assignment.

In the ideal community God ordained, as evidenced in the Old Testament, children were intended to participate as full members of God’s family. There were no separate institutions for children and adults. Parents were commanded to help their children come to know God and live in His kingdom through shared daily instruction and experiences: when they rose, when they sat in the house, when they walked along the way, and when they went to bed. Children participated in the feasts, in the offerings, in the worship, in the community, etc. A line was not drawn in the sand between children and adults when it came to participating in the kingdom of God. In these last days, the church should not draw a line that separates children from adults and their participation in His kingdom and its advancement in this generation. The children of our churches are full members of God’s kingdom, right now.

To complete our greatest assignment, the church has need of every member to rise up and shine their light, including the smallest members among us. The church will not operate in its fullness without our children doing their part. Our children are not lost. They can reach the lost. Our children are not incapable of knowing Jesus in a deep way. They can teach the gospel to their friends in the mission fields of their schools. Our children are not unable to operate in the gifts of the Spirit. They can prophesy, heal the sick, speak in new tongues, cast out demons, and raise the dead. Our children cannot be tucked away in a corner of our buildings to be entertained during Sunday morning services. They need godly content from God’s Word delivered through creative teaching methods. They can no longer be taught Bible stories without application and experience while we wait for them to grow intellectually to the point that we deem them kingdom-citizen approved. They can be trained today to apply God’s Word and promises to their lives, which will cause them to have impact in their families, churches, and communities.

Now, more than ever, the church is in need of parents and godly leaders with a passion for training the next generation to know Jesus, to know their identity in His Kingdom, and to complete the Great Commission by revealing Jesus to the earth through the power of the Holy Spirit. These leaders are more than weekend warriors, more than volunteers, and more than children’s ministers. These are apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, pastors, and parents who see the eternal, who recognize a child has access to the same Holy Spirit, and who are grieved that the church is not operating at its fullest potential without all of its parts. These leaders will have to go low, abandoning their pride, and serve in the trenches, abandoning the need for recognition. These leaders must be driven in their assignment by the very Father heart of God, with the same emotions Jesus felt when He said, let the little children come to me and do not forbid them, because the kingdom belongs to them too. Where are the parents and leaders who will raise up the children to take their place alongside the adults in advancing the kingdom?

The Children’s Equipping Center invites parents and children’s leaders to join us in Kansas City for 2020 training events, including the Parents & Leadership Summit.  Also, we invite you to bring your children and the children of your church to be trained and mobilized in prayer and missions at our Kansas City Signs & Wonders Camps.

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