Who Am I?—Defined by the Father’s Love

February 14–21, 2020

The Father is raising up a people who know Him and walk in His love. There is so much that our faithful Father has done to communicate and demonstrate His unfailing love, and yet, so many struggle to connect with Him, understand His nature, and experience the fullness of His love.

This theme combines theological teaching with hands-on training, all within the context of worship and payer, resulting in encounter with the heart of the Father. We are created for love and are the object of God’s deepest longings. Participants will explore Jesus’ teaching on the Father’s love, the obstacles to receiving His love, the significance of forgiveness, and the complete restoration desired by the Father.

This month’s program is ideal for pastors, leaders, worship teams, and prayer groups. It is also designed for those who desire to grow in expressing the Father’s love to others in ministry. We invite you to join our IHOPKC family for eight days to grow in both encountering and expressing the Father’s heart of love.