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Friendship Groups

What are friendship groups?

Friendship groups are small groups of believers who meet weekly to grow together in their relationship and friendship with Jesus, each other, and unbelievers. We have 120+ groups, some for particular groups of people, such as young couples, singles, single moms, new believers, families, and over-50s. In addition, we have several short-term groups with a special interest, such as parenting, married life, and recovery groups.

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Four primary activities of friendship groups

Bible study: We engage in Bible discussion, rather than listening to one person teach (about 30 minutes).

Relationship-building: We share our victories and struggles (about 30 minutes).

Ministry to one another: We pray for and speak blessing over each other (about 15 minutes).

Outreach: We plan and pray for the group’s upcoming outreaches (about 15 minutes) and give reports on what the Lord has done recently. Friendship groups are encouraged to adopt several blocks in specific neighborhoods or to serve and befriend a specific group of people in the community.

How to join a friendship group

Select a friendship group from our online list of groups.

Email or call the friendship group leader to introduce yourself. If you have small children, ask if the group is able to host young families (one way is to arrange for people in the group to take turns watching the children).

If you need help finding a group, email One of our team will help you find a group that suits your needs.

Come and see us at Forerunner Christian Fellowship. Some of our district pastors and team members are available before and after every service to welcome you and help answer your questions. Look for our table in the bookstore.

How to start a friendship group

  1. Find a co-leader, someone who will lead your new group with you.
  2. Email Zack Nicholson at to receive a leadership packet and set up an appointment to discuss your group.
  3. Zack will help you with getting your group started.

We’re eager to partner with you as you launch your group.

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