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Restoration & Recovery

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Living Waters
Starting September 10
Do you find that you are unable to sustain healthy relationships? Do you feel trapped in certain cycles of behavior? Living Waters aids participants in walking free from relational and sexual brokenness. Living Waters is a 25 week closed group for men and women seeking healing in their lives. It is an intensive and unique small group. Ultimately, we learn how to press into Jesus more deeply, allowing Him to meet our needs and transform us for His Kingdom purposes. With groups all over the world, and with over thirty years of ministering God’s healing love, the Living Waters program is a proven path of healing.

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Twelve-Step Programs
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Codependents Anonymous (women only)
Tuesdays, 6–7pm
Codependents Anonymous is for women who are constantly in exhausting relationships, who are unfulfilled, indirect, and unassertive when they have a need, or who exhibit controlling behaviors, anxiety related to acceptance, distrust, perfectionism, avoidance of emotion, and problems with friendships.

Sexaholics Anonymous (men only)
Wednesdays, 7–8pm
This Sexaholics Anonymous group is ideal for men struggling with compulsive sexual addiction, including interpersonal sexual relations, masturbation, pornographic addiction, and sexual fantasy. Our primary purpose is to stay sexually sober and help others to achieve sexual sobriety.

Breaking Free class with Tracey Bickle
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Betrayal, tragedy, rejection—we’ve all experienced loss and injustice on a magnitude God never designed us for. Could it be that our cranky moods and critical words aren’t just momentary lapses but evidence of a fatal poison creeping into our spiritual root system? Bitterness—the word no one wants to say—has taken hold. From her own experience getting free, Tracey Bickle honestly walks us through recognizing and overcoming the bitterness lurking within and its resulting chaos. Join Tracey for 8 weeks and discover the wise counsel of God to free us from the chaos of bitterness and release us into peace.

Wounded Heart: Healing Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse with Tracy Bickle

Wounded Heart reaches deep into the wounded heart of someone you know, exploring the secret lament of the soul damaged by sexual abuse and laying hold of the hope buried there by the One whose unstained image we all bear.

This will be a small group of about 6–8 women. It is a process group, giving opportunity for you to talk through the difficulties you have faced bearing the weight of sexual abuse. The Holy Spirit will meet you to break off toxic shame, navigate betrayal, and come into a greater place of freedom.

Relational Wholeness seminar with Tracey Bickle
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This is designed to acquaint the participant with his or her relating style. We teach participants how to keep healthy boundaries and how to walk in relational integrity. We will be addressing how our family systems impacted our experience of life today. We will also give tools to help manage emotions and thoughts. Each session includes worship, teaching, and group ministry time.

Sessions include: Restoring Gender Wholeness: Masculinity, Restoring Gender Wholeness: Femininity, Needs of the Human Heart, Abuse and Trauma, Overcoming Addiction, Codependency, Forgiveness, and Bitterness, Narcissism and Relational Idolatry.

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