Give towards Hurricane Relief

Give towards Hurricane Relief

The staff at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City is continuing to pray for those who have been ravaged by these historic hurricanes, this fall 2017. The damage is devastating. We have family and friends who have directly lost much.

At this point, we are able to give $40,000 to front-line ministries working with relief efforts in Houston. They are reporting a remarkable amount of unity and cooperation across denominational, racial, and socioeconomic lines among networks of churches and ministries. The recovery process will be long and costly, but we will continue to stand with these Houston-based ministries.

We are now connecting with additional ministries in order to send donations to the island nations and areas of Florida and the East Coast which have  been hit by Hurricane Irma.

We are acting on one of our core values to follow up our prayers with acts of justice and compassion that demonstrate the love of Jesus to those in desperate need. We pray for God’s protection, direction, and provision to be released to many people, and that the kingdom of God would be advanced and Jesus magnified in the midst of this difficulty.Join us in praying for all those who are sacrificially serving in a way that honors Jesus and advances His kingdom. Simply click the donate button and we will distribute your donation to trusted front-line ministries. We will continue to pray for a greater measure of God’s mercy, love, and power to be released in the midst of these unprecedented hurricanes. As we receive reports from the various ministries, we will update you on the impact of your donations.

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