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Why Should You Partner with the International House of Prayer?

The International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOPKC) is all about magnifying the worth of Jesus Christ and preparing the earth for His return! 

Prayer and worship are of utmost importance to God. Revelation 4 shows us that the prayers of the saints and worship never cease around God’s throne. In fact, God has chosen that the prayers of His people will bring forth God’s justice to the nations (Lk. 18:7) and hasten the day of Jesus’ return to the earth (Rev. 8:4). 

Desiring the realities of Heaven to be manifest on the earth, and taking seriously the role of intercession in God’s purposes, a small group of people—in 1999—began a prayer meeting in South Kansas City . . . and it never stopped! Today the prayer and worship continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a staff of full-time intercessors, singers, and musicians, the International House of Prayer hour by hour, day and night, declares the beauty and worth of Jesus, and stands in the gap for the nations of the earth to know Him. 

As with prayer movements throughout Church history, our reach has expanded far beyond one prayer room in Kansas City. We see darkness intensifying on the earth, and with it, the ever-increasing need for the Church to grow in intimacy with Jesus and be trained in Biblical truth. Therefore, out from our prayer room—the heart of our missions base—flow multiplied ministries and training programs. Through our university, internship programs, kids camps, online resource library, prayer room live broadcast, and many other training opportunities, we are raising up countless people to be whole-hearted lovers of Jesus and to go to the ends of the earth as intercessors, worshippers, prophetic voices, and Kingdom laborers. In fact, every year, tens of thousands visit our missions base and millions visit our website from more than 200 nations. We do all of this for the purpose of seeing the earth readied for the return of King Jesus!

When you give to the International House of Prayer, you strengthen the night-and-day prayer movement; you propel the Gospel going forth to every nation, tribe, and tongue; and you raise up wholehearted lovers of Jesus to proclaim His beauty and prepare the earth for His return. That’s why we see your gift as more than a donation—it is an investment and a partnership in ministry. 

Will you partner with us today with a gift to help advance 24/7 prayer and the Great Commission until the Lord returns?

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100% of your donation will be used to support the mission of the International House of Prayer.

All contributions to IHOPKC are tax-deductible to the extent allowable under applicable law. 

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Journey with Us through IHOPKC's 20-Year History

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The Impact of Partners

15,544 hours of prayer and worship

Man-hours of total prayer with worship

10,000 received ministry at Healing Rooms

Received ministry at Healing Rooms

Prayer meetings currently in 10 languages

Languages used in prayer meetings

300,000 received Prophetic Ministry

Received prophetic ministry

14,000 bags of groceries distributed annually from food pantry

Staff members, students, and interns trained

84,000 plates of food served annually at Hope City

Touched locally at our conferences

60,000 children and teens equipped since 1999

Children & teens equipped since 1999

215 nations accessing online resources

Nations and territories accessing online resources

8,000 hours of webstreaming

Hours of webstreaming in 10 years

30 million annual website visits

Annual website visits

25,000 families ministered to annually

Families ministered to annually

1,200 IHOPU Online students

IHOPU Online students


"Happy anniversary, IHOPKC! You are such an amazing gift to the Body of Christ, such an amazing gift to the world. From Bethel, from me, from Redding, we just want to bless you guys and thank you for saying yes to Jesus. Thank you so much, Mike and Diane Bickle and team."

—Bill Johnson, Bethel

"I can look back over the last 20 years of following Jesus and [how they have been] connected to the revelation being released from IHOPKC—my own walk with Jesus, my perspective on eternity, life, and what's important. You've dramatically shaped my life. Thank you, IHOPKC."

—Andy Byrd, The Send

"I am so thankful for IHOPKC. I can't believe it's been 20 years of prayer, 20 years of plowing, 20 years of prophesying, 'Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.' Happy 20th anniversary, Mike, Diane, and the entire IHOPKC team. Jon and I are so incredibly thankful for you and what you have pioneered."

—Lisa Bevere, Messenger International
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