Knee Cartilage
The cartilage in my knee was worn out, and doctors told me I needed a knee replacement. As I received prayer the pain left completely, and I can now walk without a limp.

Back Pain
I’ve had a pinched nerve in my back for eighteen months. After the first time of prayer, the muscle soreness was reduced; after the second time, there was no pain or soreness.

I came in December for prayer to be able to conceive. I found out that I was pregnant later that month. The doctor who performed the ultrasound said it is a miracle baby; he said I had a cyst so large that there is no way it should have happened. I have so much joy in what God has done, and I am so thankful for the prayers of the prenatal team.

I have been dealing with vertigo. I haven’t been able to move without feeling dizzy, and I needed to hold on to walls in order to walk. After prayer, I am no longer dizzy.

I was involved in an accident that caused some black spots on my cornea. Since I’ve been prayed for, I haven’t had any black dots and my eyesight is as it was before the accident!

I had all the symptoms of Alzheimers, so for the past six months I’ve been coming and receiving prayer. I went to the doctor, and he told me that I do not have Alzheimers.

Periodontal Disease
I’ve had some jaw bone loss due to periodontal disease. I received prayer and then immediately went to the periodontist. Tests confirmed that my jaw bone has grown back more than 3mm.

Shortened Right Leg
My right leg has been half an inch shorter than my left leg for more than thirty years. When I received prayer, my right leg grew out until it was even with my left.

Back Pain and Shortened Right Leg
I’ve had sciatic back pain for two years. As I was prayed for, I felt my right leg stretch out ¼ inch until it was the same length as my left leg. Now all the pain is completely gone from my back.

Hip Pain
I experienced a great amount of pain in my hip for four years, which resulted in neuropathy (numbness) in my feet. All the pain and the numbness is now gone!

Back Pain Relief
I’ve had lower back pain for fifty years. Today it was around a level five out of ten when I came for prayer. Now it is completely gone!

Shoulder Pain
I dislocated my shoulder when I was a small child, which caused lots of pain and limited movement. After prayer, all pain is gone and I have full movement!

Broken Knees
I’ve had two broken knees for two years. Today my knees were healed. I can kneel and bend without any pain. Pain around level eight out of ten is completely gone!

Crooked Back
My back has been crooked for the past three years. This has caused me much back, neck, and shoulder pain. Today I also have a sore throat. When they prayed for me, my leg grew out and my hips straightened. Pain and tension left, and I no longer have a sore throat.

Knee Pain
I’d had constant pain in my right knee since 1990 and was told it needed to be replaced. Today I came in with a pain level seven out of ten. After prayer, the pain dropped to level three. After a second time of prayer, the pain was all gone. I ran and jumped around the room and did knee bends that I couldn’t do before.

Chronic Shoulder and Leg Pain
I’ve had chronic shoulder and sciatic nerve pain in my right leg for several years. After prayer today, all pain is gone.

I’ve been anemic and have had low blood sugar for fifteen years. I’ve been coming regularly for prayer for six months. The last time I came, I felt the Lord telling me to take a blood test, so I did. The doctor called me with the results and told me that I am healed. I  am no longer anemic and my blood sugar is normal.

Spider Bite
All symptoms from a spider bite from eight years ago are gone. Before prayer, the right side of my head down to my right shoulder was swollen, and there was deep pressure behind my right eye. After prayer, everything is normal and I have no pain.

Chronic Lower Back Pain
I’ve had continuous lower back pain for six years after giving birth. After prayer, all the pain is gone.

Right Leg and Ankle Pain
In 1995 I was in an accident which caused pain in my right leg and ankle (level ten out of ten). There was no pain after they prayed for me.

Crohn’s Disease
I felt tingling in my body as I was prayed for in the Healing Rooms. I went to the doctor last week and was taken off my medication and don’t have to go back and see him for six months. I haven’t felt any pain in my stomach.

I usually wear powerful reading glasses, but I can now read without my glasses! My eyes are focusing more and more. The prayer team was gentle and loving; I appreciated their love and joy of the Lord. Praise God for His blessings. I was greatly encouraged in my faith as well.

Relief from Stomach Pain
During the “soaking” prayer time, every time someone laid hands on my head or shoulders, I could feel the presence of God, and I also felt peace and rest in my soul. I had come to ask for healing in my stomach, but ended up renouncing and praying for deliverance from insecurity in my appearance as well as from the fear of man. These were things that had become so familiar that I didn’t really believe they could or would ever leave.  However, after repenting and breaking my agreement with these things, I felt like I had a significant breakthrough. I didn’t even really believe that it could happen, and I hadn’t signed up for prayer for these things. Now, after the Lord delivered me a few minutes ago, all pain in my stomach is completely gone.

Severe Knee Pain
I had inflammation and severe pain in my knees. I received prayer and all pain is gone. My knees are working perfectly.

Back Pain
I received prayer for healing in my back. It’s a recurring back injury that I’ve had for four or five years. It goes out from time to time and causes me a lot of pain. I had been in intense pain for a few days. After I was prayed for, the pain diminished by 80 percent. It progressively got better throughout the day and I was able to do the dishes at home again. Before, this would have been agony, and I would have been left flat on my back again. However, last night, I finished all the dishes with no pain, and my back felt fine when I woke up this morning.

I flew to Kansas City from North Carolina and was in extreme pain during the two flights. I had been diagnosed with ovarian cysts and endometriosis, and was told that my ovaries had doubled in size.I was in intense pain on a daily basis. I went to the Healing Rooms and was touched by the power of God. I felt the love of God, and all pain left.

I have been dependent on a certain type of medicine to sleep for nine years. Even with the medicine, I would still get insomnia. I came for prayer at the International House of Prayer and felt God touch me. I always had to take the medicine two hours before I slept, but the night I got healed I felt sleepy without taking the medicine. I am sleeping so well.

Varicose Veins
When I received prayer, the pain in my legs disappeared and the veins have started to look significantly lighter. A week ago, the Lord healed my leg as well. My knee was swollen and extremely painful; the doctor said I had a torn meniscus. The doctor tried to extract the fluid, but could not. I told him I did not want him to try again and I did not want surgery. I went back on Monday and told him some people had prayed and that the swelling had gone down and the strength had returned. The doctor kept asking what I did; he could not believe it or explain it. God is awesome!

Hard Palate

The soaking prayer time was great. I actually wanted prayer for my vocal cords, but also mentioned that my hard palate had descended into my mouth, making it sometimes hard to swallow. The ladies prayed for both things. My hard palate now seems to be somewhat flatter.

During the time of soaking prayer, I felt warmth and tingling behind my left knee. My knee feels a bit better each time I receive prayer; I don’t have as much shooting pain anymore.

Pan/Ulcerative Colitis
In 2002 I was diagnosed with pan-ulcerative colitis, inflammation of the entire colon, and was told that it was incurable. For years, I have been taking innumerable amounts of medications, which included high doses of steroids, immuno-suppressant drugs, and pain medications that were either not working or came with a very high price of side effects. I felt robbed of normalcy, because almost every day I was in pain (physically and emotionally) and lethargic. Other times, I was nursing infections. I grew extremely weary of my health status and refused to live like this for the rest of my life.

My soaking prayer experience at the International House of Prayer was remarkable. I was left dumbfounded by the instant changes I saw in myself. Leading up to the soaking prayer time, my stomach and joints were in excruciating pain due to my illness. I instantly noticed the changes during prayer. All my pain was gone—it all disappeared. I couldn’t believe it myself. There was also an emotional change. My spirit was uplifted and I couldn’t stop beaming. A week after the soaking and healing ministry, I visited the doctors and they too noticed the changes in me. It’s almost a month after receiving prayer and I’m doing great. As each day passes by, I feel stronger and healthier, and I thank God for this new life. I haven’t experienced any pains and I’m full of life and vitality.

Lower Back; Addictions
I appreciated the communion and pre-prayer prior to the focused prayer in the healing room. Both intercessors were cheerful and courteous. We entered His presence prior to the healing prayer time through worship. My pain level dropped from a four to a one and my right foot grew out 3/4 of an inch as my hips and lower back realigned. The intercessors were quite thorough and closed the prayer time with words of encouragement.

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis thirty years ago, and with fibromyalgia fourteen years ago. Over the past several years I have experienced much pain and decreased mobility. In the past ten or so years my physical ability has deteriorated and included an undiagnosed herniated disc which resulted in nerve damage prior to being repaired surgically.

I felt the strong presence of the Lord during prayer times in the healing rooms, and my pain lessened slightly. While driving back home from Kansas City, I noticed I could walk more and more normally. By the next night, I was not using my cane for support. At the halfway point, it was snowing really hard with a cold wind as I came out of a building. Without thinking about it, I sprinted to the car—something I have not been able to do in many years. My walking and strength are continually improving and my pain level is so low in comparison to what it was earlier. Each day I am amazed and thankful for what the Lord has done.

Lower Back Pain
I could barely walk to the soaking prayer area; I was limping because of the pain. After communion and the laying of hands on my lower back, I could sit more at ease with less pain. I felt the pain in my back decreasing as they prayed for me. I got up and was able to bend over, which I couldn’t do before. They prayed again and it lessened even more! I was able to walk out without a limp and with much less tension in my back. Thank you, Jesus!

Spine Injury
The soaking time was very cool. I physically felt like the people who were ministering to me were putting fire on me. My right index finger was healed, and then the numbness in my legs started to go away.

I have battled with underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) since I was sixteen. The disease affects metabolism and mood. Normal range for thyroid function is anywhere from 0.4–4.5. In April of 2009, my numbers were at 1.38 with medication. In the fall of 2009, I visited the healing rooms for prayer. My most recent thyroid test was in December of 2009. The results of that test showed that my numbers were at 4.3. My medication had not increased, but my numbers had. I’m a miracle! Praise the Lord! The doctor’s office told me that they can take me completely off all medication when my numbers pass the 4.5 threshold. Thank you for contending with me.

Fungal Rash
I came in to the healing rooms twice last week. The Lord is doing a great work in my life, restoring me and forgiving me again for having fear and fear of man. I had much crying in the rooms and during the soaking prayer—the Lord was healing my heart, speaking to me about not comparing myself to others. I stayed longer the second day, and the Lord healed me physically. No more rash!

Knee Pain; Insomnia; Past History of Cancer
The healing room ministry was very powerful. I felt things break off me and I felt a touch from the Lord. I had knee pain and after the prayer it was gone. They prayed for complete restoration of health and I felt the power and presence of God strongly. The Lord moved powerfully through the ministers with a word of knowledge and prophetic prayers. My faith was increased for something that I had problems believing for.

Bronchitis; Right Hand Pain; Pinched Nerve in Neck
The soaking prayer was super special. As they began praying, I felt a strong heat flowing from above me down the right side of my head, especially near my ear. I kept looking up, since it seemed as real as if a radiant heater was on the ceiling. His presence was powerful and precious.

Inner Healing
I enjoyed the soaking, silent prayers, and healing room time. Most of all, I loved Abba Daddy’s presence! God healed me of unknown and known judgments. More freedom! Praise God!

Sinus Infection
I came feeling so tired and had a headache. There were sore places in my sinus areas in both forehead and neck. I was congested from a cold that had lasted over three weeks. I began to feel relief from the stuffiness and pain during the soaking prayer time. I felt very good and not so tired. Then, as I was prayed for in the healing room, I felt a lot of heat on my head and all of my symptoms began leaving. By the end of the day I felt great. Praise the Lord!

Neck Pain; Spinal Alignment Issue
Awesome! I felt God’s presence. The prayers for healing exemplified God’s love, compassion, and discernment. I believe I was set free from a related heart issue (anger). Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. I believe I am completely healed and restored. Neck pain noticeably reduced and I receive complete healing by faith.

Migraine; Hypertension
Due to the migraines, I felt clarity during soaking prayer that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I felt something begin to fall off during prayer. It still seems to be falling off me as I’m sitting in worship. The color that’s been missing in my life for days seems to be coming back. I’ve been carrying way too much and was able to give it to Him during ministry.

Weight Loss Condition
The ladies in the healing room asked what I needed prayer for. I told them I needed to break agreement with wrong beliefs, sins, and hurts concerning weight loss. They prayed for me. I felt like a liquid anointing or healing heat wrap around my heart, the roots of self-condemnation were exposed. I repented and renounced them. Healing prayer was next, and then I felt God placing “wholeness” in my heart.

Bone loss; Cancer; Sciatica; Bulging Disc
Definitely greater peace and a degree of healing. The soaking prayer is so healing and comforting; relaxing. Thank you so much for the support. Sometimes one feels alone and overwhelmed with the aches and stuff. Notable decrease of pain level after prayer.

DCIS (Cancer); Palpitations
Felt the presence and the peace of God. Felt very comfortable and loved. As the prayer began, I could feel the Holy Spirit and then a burning sensation in the area that needed healing. Very powerful. Thank you.

Celiac; Digestive Trauma; Heart Condition
I came with shooting pain and trouble breathing, tremors, etc. I have been unable to bend over comfortably for six months because of a stomach hernia. We prayed in the room for healing, for God to protect my calling, music, voice, hands feet. And I felt warm all over. I felt like I could literally breathe deeply and swallow correctly. Also I felt led to curl up and bend over which normally would have hurt too badly. But I felt able to relax and felt God was washing me. I have a feeling there will be more ups and downs, but every time I am in Jesus’ presence there is obvious physical healing.

Cold Virus/Insomnia
Excellent! It caught me off guard as I was not expecting it, but the quiet time with the Lord and communion settled my mind and strengthened my inner man. It was awesome. My pain level decreased.

Broken Foot; Fractured Joint
I actually want to report a healing from this summer. For eight consecutive days following my time in the healing room, my foot got progressively better It went from intensely painful (and limping) to brand new on the eighth day.

I was really skeptical because I am not a seasoned Christian. But I was having a severe case of bronchitis so I received prayer and the next day it was gone. And the prayer team was so compassionate and sensitive. It was awesome!

Shoulder Pain
God healed my right shoulder during my time in the Healing Rooms. The nature of my work over the last ten years has put many miles of physical labor on my right arm. I am an artist and have worked in construction. I had nonstop pain. For several weeks, the pain has been very discouraging to me. Thank God that the Holy Spirit is so mindful. Along with the beautiful words of encouragement and prophetic insight into the heart issues, Jesus has healed my shoulder and I have no pain! What a sweet kiss from my Savior. He is all I need!

Chronic Back Pain; STDs
The 2009 onething conference was long and very intense. Focusing on forgiving others, my past pain, and transgressions was very hard. But prayer from others helped me through it. After waiting and trusting in God, He led two people to pray for me and we prayed for my healing. Someone also gave me a prophetic word. After praying, I felt nothing but fullness, wholeness, and satisfaction in the Lord. Total healing, made complete through His broken body and washed clean through His blood. Words of encouragement were spoken over me. Healing is what I came for and is what I received.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Cramping; Digestive Issues
The intercessors prayed and spoke life over me. It was like rapid-fire shots of truth, light, and love hitting me. I left a great measure lighter. Early in the day, I had intended on purchasing medicines to help my stomach and digestion, but did not need it by the afternoon; I had no more discomfort, agitation, or pain. My menstrual cycle was not giving me as much trouble by the end of the day. And this morning when I woke up, for the first time in about two weeks, I did not have the piercing, stabbing pain through my wrists—only very minor numbness.

High Blood Pressure
I’m so grateful for the prayers. Everyone treated me like royalty. The ladies listened when I spoke and were sensitive to the leading of how to pray, ask, and proclaim. I left pain-free and with a lifted spirit. It felt like the Holy Spirit had given me medicine.

Neck; Knee; Ankle
The Lord has healed my neck problem [and] knee joint. The Lord began healing as soon as I sat to wait for my turn. I was able to turn my neck and I felt electricity in my left ankle. God touched me and comforted me and confirmed healing from Him.

It was such a precious time in the healing rooms. I really felt the tender love of God from those who prayed for me and I received a really neat prophetic word that connected so many dots and really blessed my heart. I truly felt like God started literally breathing the breath of life into my lungs and His peaceful presence filled every bronchiole. Praise Jesus!

Cough; Back Pain
We arrived to bring our daughter to the Fire in the Night internship. My lower back went out. I had much pain and trouble sitting, sleeping, and walking. I also had a bad cough since June that showed up whenever I sang or prayed or was very tired. I was instantly healed in the prayer room on Wednesday, September 30, 2009. The women and young man who prayed for me were wonderful vessels of God’s love and mercy. They ministered to me, lifting the burdens of my soul. The lower back pain and cough are completely gone! Also healed emotionally from fear!

Chronic, Incapacitating Migraine Headaches
Since I was about six years old, I would get migraine headaches. Last year I decided to get prayer in the healing room while visiting the International House of Prayer. While in the prayer room waiting for God, I felt like a wind was blowing through my head. The only way I can describe it is that it felt like in the spring when you open your windows and feel the fresh, slightly cool air pouring into your home. That’s how it felt in my head. And afterwards, I felt like there was more room in my head. All of this took place before we began to pray, but at that moment, I knew I had been healed, and from then on I began to claim the healing God had given to me. Since that day, I have not had one migraine headache at all! There were days in the beginning when I had to fight for the victory, but I just kept saying that I had been healed and the headaches would go away almost instantly. Now I have been pain free for about a year and I am so thankful this Thanksgiving that I can testify about the power of God in my life in such a visible way.