Forerunner Media Institute

Preparing media messengers to capture God’s message and share His story!

Our two- and four-year Forerunner Media Institute (FMI) programs aim to foster creative and technically equipped messengers who are rooted in a deep understanding of Scripture, intimacy with Jesus, and the father heart of God, and who are provoked to challenge and influence culture through visual storytelling. We combine media education with biblical study, worship and prayer, and practical discipleship in small group settings. Through this unique training model, students receive a solid biblical and storytelling foundation that equips them to use their skills to communicate the message of Jesus in a wide variety of settings.

Are YOU longing to burn for God and tell His story? 

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As an incoming FMI student, you will take classes in a foundational program of biblical study in addition to media-focused training. We desire to equip our students in the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit, to walk with confidence in their identity in Christ. Throughout your time at the Forerunner Media Institute, you will be equipped to have a lifestyle of prayer, intimacy with God, and a love for His Word, while developing and honing your skills as a media messenger.

Our experienced media instructors will teach you the nuts and bolts of taking a project from concept to finished production in a hands-on, enjoyable, collaborative environment. As a student, you will learn how to communicate, craft, and edit the stories you want to tell. You will learn skills such as digital cinematography, audio recording fundamentals, lighting principles, and design in both studio and field production settings.

It is our aim that students who complete this program would have both a passion for Jesus and a proficiency to craft and deliver compelling stories that have an impact on our culture.

School Highlights

  • Experienced instructors who inspire and demystify all stages of the production process
  • Hands-on, collaborative learning environment with individual attention and mentoring throughout
  • Creation of a range of projects from concept to finished outcome
  • Opportunity for experience and growth in a live production setting
  • Yearly mission trip opportunities to further develop servant-hearted leadership and storytelling gifts

Course Highlights 

  • Scriptwriting
  • Producing, directing, and editing
  • Digital cinematography and lighting
  • Video distribution and social media

“I love being part of a media school that keeps me centered on the person of Jesus and His great worth. I knew nothing about making films at the start of the semester; now I am working on my own film piece!”

—Steve Mallison-Jones
FMI alumnus from Watford, UK

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