Forerunner Curriculum

All incoming IHOPU students take classes in the Forerunner Curriculum during their first semester. The Forerunner Curriculum is a foundational, one-semester, general program of study that all incoming students to International House of Prayer University are required to complete before proceeding with specific programs of study. The curriculum is designed to provide students with an overview of the foundational values and theology of a lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus and urgent preparation for His return.

Practical discipleship, development of spiritual disciplines, and mentoring through an effective small group structure help students to reach for transformation in every area of their lives as they engage, both personally and corporately, in a life of prayer, fasting, and the study of the Word. Discipleship is absolutely critical if learning is to go beyond the mind and actually produce transformation and godly character.

This foundational curriculum is centered around the threefold conviction that:

1. God is raising up a generation of end-time messengers like John the Baptist to prepare the way for His Son’s return by boldly proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom to all nations.

2. Corporate prayer and fasting for the release of the Holy Spirit’s power is His strategy to prepare the Church.

3. Lives of radical obedience to Jesus can best be sustained through intimacy with God worked out in the context of a community of like-minded believers.

The entire IHOPU curriculum is governed by our commitment to the centrality of God’s Word as taught from a scholarly perspective, and the four core values of the International House of Prayer (I-H-O-P):

I: Intercession. Corporate intercession as God’s means of releasing revival in a geographic region

H: Holiness of heart. Lives of radical obedience flowing out of intimacy with God

O: Offerings to the poor. Commitment to a lifestyle of simplicity and extravagant giving to the poor

P: Prevailing faith. Confidence in God’s promise to release the power of the Holy Spirit upon the Church