Worship Leading: How to Take Your Leadership and Your Team to a New Level

with Brenton Dowdy

About the Course

There are millions of churches around the world and the vast majority of them are not the sparkle and glamour that are seen in videos from conferences and the stages of mega churches. While those things have a valuable place in the kingdom, the vast majority of worship experiences are usually much simpler and look quite a bit different. However, it’s these local worship expressions that will cause His glory to cover the earth like the waters cover the sea.

The worship leader has a unique privilege to lead believers into a place of adoration, abandon, and encounter. In this course, we will explore practical tools needed for leading a community into mature and authentic worship, tips for overcoming common challenges that accompany leading a team in local church expressions, and creative ideas for regularly incorporating the value of prayer and biblical truth into your worship culture.

“…It’s these local worship expressions that will cause His glory to cover the earth like the waters cover the sea.” —Brenton Dowdy

Join IHOPKC worship leader, Brenton Dowdy, as he shares fun and relatable stories from his experience as a mega church worship pastor transitioning to leading in living rooms, churches, conferences, and now in a 24/7 worship environment. Jump in and be challenged to take your worship leadership and your team to a new level.

Topics Include
  • – How to incorporate the value of prayer in your worship ministry
  • – Increase engagement through corporate singing
  • – Leading despite your current personal feelings
  • – How to engage in worship if it feels like work
  • – How to plan a Spirit-led set
  • – Tips on communicating and collaborating with your pastor
  • – And more!

Brenton Dowdy


  • Worship Leader, IHOPKC

Originally from Texas, Brenton has been leading worship since 2000. Throughout his years of ministry, Brenton felt the Lord awaken a hunger for night-and-day prayer and worship through a series of spiritual encounters. In 2014, Brenton and his wife, Cara, came to Kansas City with their two children to participate in the Intro to IHOPKC internship. Brenton and Cara currently serving on staff at IHOPKC, where they are empowered to walk out their God-given passions for night-and-day prayer, songwriting, and serving the nations.

MARCH 12-30

Live Interactive Courses take place each Monday, 7-8pm CST

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