Second Semester

Second semester courses are designed to build on the Forerunner Curriculum taught during the first semester. Students will go deeper in some of the same content while continuing spiritual disciplines and lifestyle practices. The summer is broken up into two terms, each lasting five weeks. Term 1 is May 22–June 23. Term 2 is June 26–July 28.

There are two courses to take during each term. There is also a practicum for the entire ten-week semester, enabling students to engage in prayer, ministry, and community online. Additionally, students participate in six hours of corporate prayer each week (at their local church, house of prayer, webstream, etc.). Our goal is to engage the mind with biblical understanding that will produce transformation in the heart.

Currently, we only offer courses equivalent to the first year of classes at IHOPU, but we hope to offer a second-year program in the near future.

Second semester goals include:

1. Focus on the centrality of Christ in the plan of world redemption
2. Deeper analysis of various end-time belief systems as they relate to historical premillennialism with a victorious church
3. Understanding Christ’s intercession and our identity and function as a kingdom of priests
4. Establishing a lifestyle of prayer, prophetic, and ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit


Interactive course design

Our unique, interactive course design features a highly relational and personal learning experience. Each course instructor joins students online in a virtual classroom with two-way video interaction, allowing students from around the world to interact live with both the instructor and each other.


Flexible schedule

Courses consist of live interaction as well as high-quality, on-demand videos, notes, and reading assignments throughout the week. The technology we use for this course gives you the flexibility to access your course materials at the time and place that work best for your on-the-go lifestyle.


Strong student community

Students are able to interact directly with one another through online classrooms, virtual small group assignments, and by taking time to pray for each other as we form a strong spiritual community together.


Registration is now open for the second semester which runs as two terms during the summer.

For Credit

If you are a current IHOPU Online student, internship transfer student, or IHOPU on- campus student, please contact for more information on how to register for the summer semester.

If you are a new IHOPU Online student and have never completed an internship or the first semester of IHOPU, completion of the first semester is a prerequisite. Please fill out the IHOPU Online application to register for the first semester, to be held again in the fall.

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Not for Credit

Individuals who wish to participate in these online courses as audit students may do so by registering on the course page through the links below. Audit students have access to all course materials, but do not complete the assignments and do not receive credit.

About the Courses

Course Features

Engaging Homework

Hour+ Live Videos

Group Discussions

Instructor Interaction

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Reading Assignments

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IHOPU Transferability

About the Instructors

Dale Anderson


    Dale has been a teacher for over thirty years, serving as a public school teacher (BEd, University of Calgary) and a Bible teacher. He was a missionary in Gliwice, Poland, from 1992 to 1999, where he taught English and established a church focused on prayer and intimacy with Jesus. Dale is the author of Mercy Wins: Learning Mercy in a Merciless Age, and has a passion to see the global Church established in night-and-day prayer with fasting. Dale and his wife, Cheryl, have two children, Jordan (married to Victoria), and Bethany.

    Amanda Beattie


      Amanda Beattie has served as an intercessory missionary at the International House of Prayer since 2003. Called to the NightWatch (the hours between midnight and six), she has served as a musician, prayer leader, and a teacher in the Fire in the Night Internship. Herself an IHOPU graduate (2007), Amanda has a passion for equipping believers with the tools they need to understand the Bible and to grow in the knowledge of God. She currently lives in the Kansas City metro area.

      Kyle Meythaler


      • Director, IHOPU Online

      Kyle Meythaler (BA, John Brown University) takes leadership in equipping students around the world in the Word and in prayer through online ministry training. Kyle has a passion for instilling in students, praying leaders, and marketplace believers the beauty of Jesus and His glorious return using the latest technology and practices in online learning. Kyle and his wife, Heidi, have three children: Elijah, Lydia, and Benjamin.

      Stephen Beauchamp


        Stephen Beauchamp is a senior leader at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. He is currently serving on the pastoral care leadership team and is the director of the prophetic, healing, and deliverance courses at International House of Prayer University. He has been in deliverance ministry for over 10 years. Stephen and his wife, Sage, are both graduates of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. Stephen has also served as a missionary in Western Europe and ministers regularly internationally.