Signing into NetClassroom

All students can access NetClassroom through their IHOPU student account. Your password for NetClassroom is the same as your password for the online payment site and the library computer login. If you are a new student and do not have an account yet, your account information should be automatically sent to you within two weeks of being accepted into IHOPU.

For NetClassroom to work properly, you should open it in Internet Explorer. Other web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome, are not as supportive. If you do not have Internet Explorer, you can use the computers in the IHOPU library.

What Can I Do on NetClassroom?

NetClassroom displays your course schedule, final grades, and tuition balance. Your login details can also be used to access the computers at the IHOPU Library.

How Do I Register for Courses?

All incoming freshmen, internship, and IHOPU Online transfers are automatically registered for their semester courses by the Registrar’s office. All Forerunner Music Academy incoming freshmen and transfer students receive an email from to schedule an assessment for placement in music courses.

For all returning IHOPU students, a school-wide announcement is sent via email when registration opens for the following semester. Instructions and deadlines will be contained in that email.