Academic Integrity, Probation, and Course Failure

Academic Integrity

Plagiarism and cheating are dealt with strictly. A single incident may result in an “F” for the course. Where there is evidence of a pattern of compromise and deceit, the student is normally dismissed from IHOPU.

Academic Probation and Course Failure

Academic probation

All IHOPU students must maintain an overall minimum grade point average (GPA) of 1.33 and receive a minimum grade of 65 percent (D) in each enrolled course. Failure to comply with either of these requirements will result in the student being placed on academic probation. Students on academic probation will be subject to the following consequences for the duration of their probation:

  1. The student cannot hold an Student Government Association office.
  2. The student may lose his/her financial aid.
  3. The student cannot transfer between schools.

An academic advisor will notify by email the students placed on academic probation because their performance the previous semester. The email includes instructions on how to move forward, i.e., the requirements for getting off academic probation. A preemptive, warning email will be sent after the first and third quarters to students whose GPA for either of these quarters falls below 1.67.  (A list of students on probation in each school will be sent to the appropriate school directors.) If a student fails a course, the student must retake the failed course either on campus, via Schoology, or online. He/she has one academic year to retake and pass the course (earning a D or 65 percent minimum on all assignments), plus raise his or her cumulative GPA above 1.33, if he/she is to return to regular student status. If a student is on probation for two consecutive semesters, he/she will automatically be placed under review for possible dismissal from IHOPU.

If a sophomore student is placed on probation, the student’s school director will determine whether the student may move forward into a third- and fourth-year period. When the student is taken off academic probation, either the director or academic advisor will inform the student.

If a student is suspended or dismissed from IHOPU by his or her school director while on academic probation, he/she is only permitted to audit courses, receiving no credit and no diploma, regardless of the credit hours earned prior to suspension or dismissal. Readmission is possible only in exceptional cases in which there is evidence that he/she is likely to progress steadily toward completion of a program. In order to be considered for readmission by the school director, he/she must formally apply through the Academic Advising Office.

Course failure

In order to receive credit for any course offered by IHOPU, students must complete every assignment and earn an overall, minimum grade of 65 percent. Students who do not achieve this minimum requirement receive no credit for the course and are placed on academic probation. Under no circumstance is a diploma issued to students who have failed and not successfully made up coursework or retaken a required course within their respective program, regardless of their cumulative GPA.

A student must work with an academic advisor and/or faculty member to determine a makeup plan. A student may retake a failed IHOPU course the following summer and pass it with a D (65 percent) or better on all assignments. (He/she is on academic probation until passing the course.) With this option, it is the student’s responsibility to make up the failed class at his or her own expense. If retaking the failed course the following school year is impossible or impractical, and the student desires to receive credit for the failed course, one of two options is available:

Option 1

  • The student may appeal, but only to his or her faculty instructor, requesting makeup assignments equivalent to the elements of the course that were either incomplete or unsatisfactory. The faculty member is under no obligation to approve this request (the course administrator may convey this information to the student), and when the make-up assignment is completed in a satisfactory manner, the course grade of the student is adjusted to a D (65 percent), and credit for the course is granted.
  • The student will have two weeks from the day final grades are posted to appeal to his or her instructor and submit all agreed upon work. (The Registrar’s office will send out an email to all students notifying them of the final grades’ posting date.) Failure to satisfactorily complete and submit work within the two-week time period will result in the student having to retake the course online via Schoology (or an approved online course substitute) the following summer.
  • Extensions of the two-week deadline will be granted on the basis of instructor discretion or extenuating circumstances such as a death in the family, extended illness, etc. In the event of an extenuating circumstance, the student must contact his/her instructor immediately.
  • Extensions will also be granted on the grounds of miscommunication between the assistant and the student. Miscommunication must be demonstrated through email correspondence.
  • A faculty instructor must immediately inform the Registrar’s Office of his or her acceptance of a student’s appeal to make up coursework in a failed course. Information must include the date(s) assignments are due and the final date in which the course grade will be submitted (if an extension has been granted beyond the two-week time frame). It is highly advised that if the course is not offered online, the student be given the opportunity to make up the incomplete or unsatisfactory coursework.

Option 2

  • If the request is denied by the faculty, the student may register for the course the following summer when it is offered through IHOPU Online or Schoology, at the student’s own expense and initiative. Successful completion of the online course with a D (65 percent or better) on all assignments entitles the student to receive credit for the retaken course within a certificate or diploma IHOPU program. The student has 60 days to complete, from start to finish, an IHOPU Online retake course.

Course makeup

  • If a student fails a course during his or her freshman or sophomore year, it must be successfully completed in its entirety before entrance into the junior and senior years.
  • If a student fails a course during his or her junior or senior year, it must be successfully completed in its entirety before receiving a diploma. Sufficient credits for graduation do not negate the need to make up coursework in or retake a failed required course.
  • If a student fails a course within the Forerunner Curriculum, the entire first semester may need to be retaken at the discretion of IHOPU leadership.
  • An Incomplete (INC) for a course remains on the student’s transcript only through the semester following the INC. All coursework must be completed during that time or the INC is changed to an F.
  • Any retaken course is added to the student’s transcript so that the grades of both the original and the make-up course are shown and affect the student’s cumulative GPA.
  • A final course grade of 65–69% (D) is a passing grade. However, if an FMA student earns a cumulative average grade of 69% or below in a music course, that student may be asked to retake the course, or at their request, may retake the course for credit since music courses have the inherent requirement of ongoing skill development.