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Purchasing Textbooks

The textbooks required for your courses are available for purchase at the International House of Prayer’s Forerunner Bookstore. Please purchase your textbooks at this location for your convenience.

  • You receive a 20 percent student discount on books, music, and media when you present your student ID card.
  • Presentation of your ID card is necessary, so it would not be in your best interest to purchase your books before you get your ID card.
  • The Forerunner Bookstore does not apply discounts retroactively.
  • The discount is only applied to students and does not apply to purchases of textbooks made on the student’s behalf by anyone else, even if they are a family member and the student is present.
  • The total cost you can expect ranges from $100 to $150, not counting the student discount.
  • Take the book list to Forerunner Bookstore.

Forerunner Bookstore Hours

Red Bridge Location

  • Monday–Thursday: 9am–7pm
  • Friday: 9am–5pm
  • Saturday: 9am–4pm
  • Sunday: 11am–4pm