Classroom Etiquette

The following expectations are designed to improve the quality of the classroom experience and to enhance the ability of students to learn without unnecessary distractions while in class. We therefore ask our students to honor the following:

Entering/Exiting the Classroom

  • Please arrive on time to class and stay for the entire class period to avoid distracting others. If you do need to leave class early, please alert the instructor and/or course assistant (CA) ahead of time and then discreetly leave the classroom so as not to disturb other students. If you need to leave early and seating is not assigned, pick a seat close to a door in order to make a quick exit.
  • If despite your best efforts you arrive late, please quietly take a seat at the back of the classroom (unless the course has assigned seating). If you cannot consistently arrive on time or must always leave early because of a class, worship set, or IHOPKC schedule conflict, please seek permission from the CA in advance.
  • During in-class exams, ask permission before leaving to use the restroom.


  • When class begins, please stop all conversations.
  • Unpack your materials before the start of the class to avoid distracting others once the instructor has begun the lecture.
  • Please allow the instructor to finish his or her thoughts uninterrupted at the end of class, and wait until class is completely over before putting your materials away, standing up, or talking to friends.

Use of Electronic Devices

  • We ask that electronic devices only be used for the purpose of enhancing classroom instruction.
  • No taping, filming, or taking pictures in class (whether by camera, cell phone, etc.) without the instructor’s permission. These activities can be distracting to faculty and students, may infringe upon privacy or copyright, and can have a negative effect on classroom discussions.
  • Cell phones should be turned off. We ask all students to refrain from talking, texting, emailing, or surfing the Internet on cell phones, laptops, or tablets during class.

Course-Related Emails/Blogs

  • Write as you would in any professional correspondence. We request that communication be courteous and respectful in tone and content.
  • It is not always possible for the CA or instructor to give an immediate response. A response will normally be sent within 24 hours; if emails are received over the weekend, this may delay a response. If your email question is sent at the last minute it may not be possible to send you a response before an assignment is due or a test is given.
  • We ask that you not post personal information about yourself or other students on the class website (e.g., Schoology). For example, if you are having trouble with a project partner, you should see the instructor or CA in person to discuss the specifics of the issue.


  • Participation in class is counted as part of the student’s grade in some courses. In these classes, missing class may impact your grade, as may disrupting class.
  • Please contribute to the topic at hand. If you have questions unrelated to the current topic, address these outside of class during office hours or by emailing the CA or instructor.
  • We ask that you not talk out of turn. Wait to be recognized before speaking and do not dominate a discussion with your comments—give others a fair opportunity to participate.

Common Courtesy

  • We ask that students not eat food in the classrooms. Drinking beverages in classrooms is allowed only if the containers have screw-top lids; this helps keep our carpets clean.
  • It is okay to disagree with an idea, but not to ridicule or make fun of another person and his/her ideas. We ask all to refrain from raised voices, derogatory language, intimidating behavior, and the like.
  • After class please discard all trash.
  • Please bring required textbooks and materials to class unless otherwise instructed.
  • Please engage only in course material and assignments during class.