Eligibility to Graduate

Graduation is contingent on satisfactory completion of all program requirements and payment of all outstanding balances. Students may not receive a diploma or access their transcript until all requirements are met. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of these requirements.

  • All graduation events are held after the spring term ends.
  • Students are not required to attend in order to graduate but their attendance is desired and greatly encouraged.
  • Students who graduate in the summer or fall are recognized at the spring ceremony with the spring graduates and are invited to participate in all activities.
  • Students who graduate with a 1- or 2-year diploma are welcome to continue studying at IHOPU at a later point if they wish. Read about readmission »


One-Year Diplomas

  • 1- year Christian Ministry Diploma (Forerunner School of Ministry Chinese)
  • 1- year Music Studies Diploma (Forerunner Music Academy Chinese)

Two-Year Diplomas

  • 2-Year Christian Ministry Diploma (Forerunner School of Ministry)
  • 2- Year Music Studies Diploma (Forerunner Music Academy)
  • 2-Year Christian Media Messaging Diploma (Forerunner Media Institute)

Four-Year Diplomas

  • 4-Year Christian Ministry Diploma (Forerunner School of Ministry)
  • 4-Year Music Studies Diploma in Worship (Forerunner Music Academy)
  • 4-Year Music Studies Diploma in Performance (Forerunner Music Academy)

Application to Graduate

To graduate from IHOPU and participate in the IHOPU Commencement Ceremony, students must fill out the Application for Graduation form by the graduation application deadline. For all graduating students, a $50 graduation fee is required to pay for the cap and gown, the graduation banquet, and other related expenses.

Diploma Application Deadline for Spring 2019: April 1st

Application form includes specification of robe size.

Apply to graduate

Graduation Activities

A service of testimonies, stories, and encouragement to celebrate the graduating class. Friends and family are welcome. Dress is business casual.

Senior Banquet

Commencement Ceremony Rehearsal
Attendance is mandatory for students participating in the Commencement Ceremony. Graduation regalia will be distributed.

Annual Commencement Ceremony
The Commencement Ceremony is held after the spring term ends. The ceremony includes a presidential invocation, the conferral of diplomas, a valedictorian address, and turning of the tassels. Graduates are not required to attend but their attendance is desired and greatly encouraged.

Preparing for the Ceremony

Students preparing to graduate should familiarize themselves with the following maps to prepare for the Commencement ceremony:


For more information about graduation, please email or call (816) 763-0200 x.3322