Academic Hold, Withdrawal, and Readmission

Academic Hold

A student may have his or her academic status placed on hold for up to one academic year. Academic hold is not probationary status or formal withdrawal from the university, although it is possible for a student who is on academic probation to apply for and receive an academic hold.

Reasons for seeking academic hold may include a family member’s death or prolonged sickness, personal illness or crises, the need to earn or obtain financial support, or visa issues.

To obtain academic hold status, a student needs to get the approval of his or her school director, and then complete an Academic Hold form from Academic Advising.

Withdrawal Process

If you intend to formally withdraw from IHOPU, you must first meet with an academic advisor. If you intend to withdraw from a school or program within IHOPU but switch to a different IHOPU school or program, these steps don’t apply to you. You should fill out the School or Program Transfer Approval form available under Forms.

The deadline for formal withdrawal is three weeks from the start of the quarter. If you choose to withdraw within the first three weeks, you will receive a W for Withdrew on your transcript. After the three-week deadline has passed, you are no longer eligible to receive a W for your courses. Failure to follow the voluntary exit process within the prescribed timeline results in an F in all current courses.

International students: Once you have met with an academic advisor, please visit International Student Services before following any of the steps below. For legal reasons, there are procedures you must follow before you can withdraw from IHOPU. International Student Services will help you with this and sign your Withdrawal Form.

1. Contact Academic Advising

To withdraw from IHOPU, first meet with an academic advisor, and they will help you complete the necessary process. You can email for help beginning this process.

2. Complete the Withdrawal Form

Fill out your section of the form completely. Have an academic advisor initial the box at the end of the form on the date that you begin the process. Obtaining their initials right away affects the amount of refund you may be eligible for. You have one week from the date your form is initialed to complete the form and return it, with your IHOPU badge, to your academic advisor.

It is your responsibility to take the form to each department or office from which you need a signature. Do not leave your form with any department.

3. See your school or program director

Your academic advisor will assist you with scheduling an exit interview to obtain the signature of your school director. See the appropriate person:

  • Forerunner Music Academy (FMA) : Academic Advisor
  • Forerunner Media Institute (FMI): Academic Advisor
  • Forerunner School of Ministry (FSM): Academic Advisor
  • FSM-Chinese and FMA-Chinese: Program Director

4. Visit Financial Services

Have Financial Services review your financial account and sign and date your form. Make sure you understand your financial obligations and the refund policy presented to you by the academic advisor.

5. Turn in the form and return your badge

Academic Advising completes the withdrawal process when you return your student badge. They initial the box at the end of your completed form when they receive your badge and then add their signature.

Please contact Academic Advising if you need assistance during your withdrawal process.


Once a student has withdrawn, he/she may be re-admitted. If the period of absence is longer than one calendar year (12 months), he/she must go through the entire admissions application process and pay the non-refundable application fee.

Following this reapplication process, previous IHOPU credits earned are evaluated by the program director and may be applied, according to the transfer of credit policy.

Those who wish to enroll again after withdrawal are subject to the program requirements at the time they enroll again.

Students with a remaining balance are not eligible for readmission until the balance is paid in full.