Financial Aid

Student loans and government aid are not available to our students. IHOPU tuition is kept at a minimal level for affordability and to help students avoid incurring debt. We are, however, sometimes able to offer financial aid, such as scholarships and work study* opportunities to students who apply (details below).

* Work in an assigned position throughout the semester and earn credit toward your tuition for every hour worked.

Applying for Financial Assistance

  • Our Developing Nations Scholarships serves to assist those from developing nations who desire to attend IHOPU. Students from the UofN category list are eligible to apply.
  • For legal reasons, international students can only apply for need-based scholarships.
  • To apply, turn in a Financial Aid Application Form to Financial Services before the final Friday in March*. The form is available under Forms in February of each year.
  • Submitting the application form does not guarantee you either a position or a scholarship.
  • Please note that recipients of financial aid are determined year by year. This means that if you receive assistance now you are not guaranteed to continue receiving it next year. You must re-apply.

* Late Financial Aid applications will not be accepted by the Financial Services office.