Payment Plans

There is a $50 Payment Plan Fee when setting up a payment plan. Avoid this fee by paying the tuition in full.

Payment plans allow students to pay their tuition through monthly payments and are available to all students. Students may choose to arrange a payment plan with Financial Services. To do so, provide a down payment of 60 percent of tuition, plus international student health insurance (if it applies), and all fees (e.g., activity fee, orientation fee, international administration fee). The remaining balance is due in three monthly payments over the course of the semester.

All balances must be paid in full before you can continue on to your next semester of study or join staff at the International House of Prayer. We highly encourage students to set up their payment plan at least one week prior to New Student Orientation to avoid waiting in long lines.

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Setting Up A Payment Plan

  • Pay the 60 percent down payment, international student health insurance (if applicable), and all applicable fees.
  • Complete the Payment Plan Agreement Form in person at the Financial Services office.

Missed or Late Payments on a Payment Plan

For payment deadlines see the Payment Schedule. Communication is key, especially to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Unless special arrangements are made, students who do not make payments by the payment deadline are placed on Financial Hold, denied access to NetClassroom, and are not allowed to register for the upcoming semester. Financial Hold ends once payment is received.

Please remember, if you withdraw for any reason including missed payments, you are still responsible for your remaining balance as outlined in the withdrawal financial policy and schedule.