Student Members of the IHOPKC Organization

Eligible full-time IHOPU students are considered to be Student Members of the IHOPKC religious order while enrolled at IHOPU. (IHOPKC is categorized by the IRS as a religious order.) As Student Members, students are able to receive income by participating in partnership development and to receive compensation for work done at summer camps. Eligible students are asked to fulfill a Sacred Trust, just as IHOPKC asks its full-time staff to do as intercessory missionaries.


  • All full-time IHOPU students (FSM, FMA, FMI) are eligible to be Student Members of IHOPKC. IHOPU Online students and international students on M-1 visas are not eligible to become Student Members of IHOPKC, or receive income or enroll in health insurance through IHOPKC.
  • Students must be at least eighteen years old to become a Student Member of IHOPKC.


  • Student Members are required to fulfill a Sacred Trust, which entails a set amount of scheduled hours in the prayer room each week. Service hours are fulfilled in the context of IHOPU classes.
  • Student Members will be excused from their prayer and service commitments to take part in IHOPU-approved events (e.g., IHOPU breaks, ministry trips, gatherings required of students). Students must not exceed the allotted number of absences per semester. Read more about Sacred Trust and course attendance policies »
  • In order to apply for Student Membership, each eligible IHOPU student must complete the following paperwork with Human Resources department:

1. Student Sacred Trust form and Memorandum of Agreement
2. Payroll forms

A student may choose to sign a payroll waiver if he or she does not wish to participate in partnership development or receive compensation for work done at summer camps, etc. Please visit the Human Resources office at Red Bridge Center to complete this paperwork. For more information email

Partnership Development

  • IHOPKC authorizes Student Members of the IHOPKC religious order to raise funds in the name of the IHOPKC Missions Base. Student members are able to receive income by participating in partnership development. This practice is legally referred to as deputized fundraising.
  • Deputized fundraising is a widespread and legitimate practice acknowledged by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS); contributions properly raised by this method are tax-deductible. The IRS works to ensure that people who give to non-profit organizations (and therefore receive a tax deduction) do so appropriately.
  • To stay in compliance with IRS standards for deputized fundraising, IHOPKC requests that Student Members include this statement in all of their partnership development print and electronic communication: “Contributions are solicited with the understanding that IHOPKC has complete discretion and control over the use of the donated funds.” The Student Member should not make any statements that contradict this policy.
  • Contact HR to participate in partnership development.

Partnership Development Training

  • Partnership development training is provided by IHOPKC Forerunner Partnership Development (FPD) and is available to Student Members of IHOPKC. FPD training provides a proper understanding of biblical partnership and equips Student Members with the practical tools necessary to walk out successful partnership development.
  • FPD training is held periodically throughout the year. The training consists of teaching, prayer room hours, homework, small group discussions and assignments, mock calls, and presentation practice and coaching.
  • Email FPD at for information on upcoming partnership development training sessions.

Student health insurance

Summer leave

  • A student may remain a Student Member of IHOPKC through the summer if the student is a full-time student during the spring semester and intends to return as a full-time student in the fall (verified by fall enrollment) or is hired to work at IHOPKC’s youth camps or programs during the summer. Students will be considered as on a leave of absence from their Sacred Trust commitments.
  • Student Members are expected to adhere to the IHOPU Community Standards during breaks between semesters as well as during school.
  • Student Members working with an IHOPKC department for the summer may continue to do so without disruption to payroll accounts. These students will be accountable to their IHOPKC department supervisor during the summer.

Students working for IHOPKC

  • IHOPU students employed by IHOPKC receive an hourly wage or monthly stipend. These students are considered part-time employees and should complete appropriate paperwork with HR whenever a position is secured on the IHOPKC Missions Base.
  • An IHOPU student who also works as an IHOPKC employee must inform HR immediately if his or her student status ends due to withdrawal or graduation from IHOPU.
  • If the withdrawn or graduated student is employed by an IHOPKC department and receives a monthly stipend and intends to continue employment with the IHOPKC department, he or she is required to join IHOPKC staff through the staff application process. The withdrawn or graduated student has thirty days in which to complete the IHOPKC staff entry process and be activated to IHOPKC staff.
  • For students that will not continue employment at IHOPKC, formal exit paperwork will need to be completed with Human Resources.
  • When employment is terminated with IHOPKC, a two-week notice should be given to the HR office.

Exiting student membership

  • At the point that a student is no longer enrolled as a full-time IHOPU student, he or she will no longer be a Student Member of the IHOPKC organization. Exit points will include graduation, withdrawal, or dismissal from IHOPU.
  • A student will have approximately two weeks from the date of exit from IHOPU before his or her payroll account is deactivated. Contact Payroll at to confirm a final pay date.

Transfer to full- or part-time IHOPKC staff

  • Student members of IHOPKC are not considered full- or part-time IHOPKC staff members.
  • Visit the Human Resources office at the Red Bridge Center to begin the IHOPKC staff entry process.
  • A student must complete at least one full-time semester at IHOPU with passing grades and have completely paid their tuition or established a payment plan with IHOPU Financial Services in order to be eligible to join IHOPKC staff.
  • For more information about joining IHOPKC staff, contact Human Resources at or visit the Human Resources office at the Red Bridge Center.

Accessing your IHOPKC portal account (

When a student becomes a Student Member of IHOPKC and opens a payroll account, he or she is also given an account for the IHOPKC staff portal ( The portal allows students to monitor financial support submitted to their support account through IHOPKC. Several other resources are available through the portal, including information about enrolling in the health insurance offered to IHOPU students. Once the account has been created, students will receive an activation email that outlines the steps for logging in to the portal. Please email Human Resources with any questions.