Withdrawal Financial Policy and Schedule

If you withdraw from IHOPU, the amount of tuition you owe IHOPU or are refunded is determined by the schedule and policies below. Compliance with the full withdrawal process affects your account status when you withdraw. As you will read under withdrawal process, settling your account with Financial Services is not the only step you need to take if you intend to withdraw.

  • All fees (activity, orientation, international student one-time administrative, and graduation) are non-refundable.
  • If a student or intern is dismissed for disciplinary reasons, no tuition refund is issued.

Settling Your Account

The amount of tuition you owe or are refunded is based on the full amount charged (less any financial aid granted), not the amount paid, and takes into account all outstanding balances due. When a student or intern withdraws, he/she is responsible for any tuition amount still owed to IHOPU, minus any applicable refund.

(Tuition x refund schedule percentage) – outstanding balance at time of withdrawal = Amount of refund or balance due

If computation of the formula results in a positive amount, a refund is issued. If the result is a negative amount, the withdrawing student or intern is responsible for paying that amount.

The refund schedule: subject to the policies stated above

If the student or intern withdraws:
During the first two days of the semester: 100%
During the first week of the semester: 90%
During the second week of the semester: 70%
During the third week of the semester: 50%
After the third week of the semester: 0%